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If you have found yourself here, congratulations; my condolences. Everyone should have a passion for books, I have no idea how many I read. I spend a lot of time on the computer also, that is how I organize everything. I have no social designation, no one beloved affiliation with a particular genre though it may appear so. I am a Polymath. I don't watch TV, but I own hundreds of movies and even more books. my interest are many and I listed a few. That's not my photo either, go look in my photos.. the gallery...(its called an avatar, I take 5hity pictures really, not photogenic) Did i mention I am sarcatic. I like words like anthropomorphic and deciduous. Words just come into my head and they sound playful...My most beloved fictional romantic attachments are Heathcliff, Severus Snape, Hamlet, and Armand. I have seen many incarnation of Heathcliff on screen. My favorite Heathcliff's were done by Fiennes and Olivier. We have had the pleasure of seeing Severus developed by Rickman, faithful to the books and I think at least, helped Rowling to culminate the character to finish her series. Hamlet played by many, and to date, loved by none so much as the character himself, as I have seen no live perfomance, which I feel this should include. Armand was little touched on in cinema, but the character is given an amalgamation of his personality thanks to Banderas, even though he was too old for the part, it is also too bad that the whole of his story is for readers only.(what'd you want a blog moment>.. trust me You don't)...too continue....


"ok Secret time"I almost married my second female lover Morgan...one of many.....

I learned to drive when i was 27. Before that I took buses, cabs, walked a lot, rode a bike. I also traveled and lived in 6 states. I have been in I think ten. Since i got my license i have lived in the same place 19 years.. can you guess where? laughs. Well that is a small bite of the apple.. except to add I have been married twice, I have two kids one is graduated the other nearly...


Now a personal PCOM moment. IF YOU"RE ON MY FREINDS LIST, you're just there... like it or not..I don't delete ANYONE. It took years.. and it takes a while for people to make up their minds.... The time to make up your mind about people is never really... we all struggle about who we are and what we really want.. some more than others...least that is my thought.. I may not have much..but I have time.. Pardon me my "sins" and I will throw yours in my closet so we don't break the windows, then we'll meet for drinks and argue like civilized adults... I will say to my pal who has been with me the longest you're the best!!!.. For those who might be NEW and wonder what the hell that symbol is.. It is the character for Harmony..now I want to Glomp someone..LMAO


****************I used to be in the TOP TWENTY FIVE... now I'm in the Top Forty...MAN take a year and some off and hmm... falls down laughing..****************

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