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My home is quiet except for my kittens running around and pouncing on each other.

Putting my book down I decided to  come visit old friends but it seems that no one is home! Checking to see who may be here that I have not seen while reading your posts it looks like only guest are online or is this friends that just don't want to be identified?

You may already know that Phillip, my husband, or Papa as he was called, passed away in 2020. I thought our home was unbearably quiet when our boys passed but  nowadays the silence is a times hard to bare.

I have missed the chatter that was always happening when I last visited here. So whats up,? Where are you? What have you been doing? Anyone been traveling? Who has welcomed the birth of new children, grandchildren or great grands? Anyone have new recipes to share? Oh come on!! Fill the air with the clicking of the keys and share everything you have been doing. I would love to see the pictures you have made while hunting, fishing, gardening, cooking or getting hugs from little ones!

Wake up everyone!! Don't just look and run. Tell me something wonderful!!


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I have 2 grands 12 month and 3. 5 chickens, 3 little dogs. Katy is very old. I have a Jack Russel that is full of herself. I have Surepips little dog Daisey. I adopted her when my best friend Surepips widow went through a hard time after he died. Mostly I hang around the house with my dogs and chickens, work in the garden. I have been driving my son around for the last 3 years. that is another story.

I am sorry for all your losses, it changes you a person.

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