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I might not end up in the Hall of Fame with a star on the sidewalk with my name, or a statue in my hometown when I'm gone. No body gonna name their babies after me. I might not go down in history.

But I'll go down to the honky-tonk.

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No back doors, no forums to speak of. A lot of junk just of archived. Most of the crap in there was mud used to sling at someone. Tried to get rid of political and religious forums and talk period. Lost a lot of important facts about the county and people in the process. Hey if you can't control it just burn it to the ground right. The FB pages are full of people desperately trying to inform folks and promote their small business. If you can't control it you need to destroy it for everyone. County is basically closed to outsiders now. I just opened it up one day and saw that it was empty and decided I could just run around the playground jumping on anything I want. the bullies are not blocking the swings and slides anymore. LOL!

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