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PSA - Water Rates Increased ~5% 1/1/19

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Been getting that feeling that your water bill has been getting higher no matter how much water you try to save?


It's not your imagination. My bill this month said new rates were in affect, so I had a look.


Turns out that per the Paulding BOC Resolution No 16-06 from February 2016, Water rates will go up another 4.75% this year (on top of the usual 4% annual increase from the Cobb Water Authority who we purchase our water from until Richmond Creek Reservoir and Treatment Plant goes on line) and the base residential rate will go up from $6.00 to $7.00.


Two more increases are planned for 2020 and 2021.


From 2017 to 2021, the total increase in the water rates is planned to be ~ 52% and the base rate will go up 25% as well.


These increases are to assist the water dept to pay towards the loans/bonds taken out to pay for the RCR development and the pipelines from the River to RCR and from the treatment plant down US61 to the rest of the county.


Hopefully once the RCR plant goes on line and we can stop buying from Cobb, we can use the savings from paying Cobbs overhead to reduce the rates back a bit.


Edit: Actually it's 8.75%, not 4.75 as I didn't add the 4% increase from Cobb in.

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Well I put "Hopefully" but I agree with you the way this county has operated in the past. The Fire Tax comes to mind...


Remember when it almost took a court order to tear down those Ga 400 toll booths even though they were suppose to come down once the project was paid for ? Point is I wouldn't count on any water rates ever coming down.

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