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Have you ever wanted to enjoy the benefits of technology, but don’t want to deal
with its complexity? Since its inception, technology has advanced at a rate faster than
some can keep up with. This has left a void among consumers who are anxious to use technology but
feel apprehensive about its complications. That’s where Home Tech Services
comes in.

True to its name, Home Tech Services is now offering in-home technology help to residents
of Paulding County and the surrounding areas. I assist with even the most basic tasks.
Whether you need assistance setting up a computer, home theater system, home network, or
even smart phone, I’m here to help.

In case you forgot a crucial piece for your new gear, some of the more common components
are also available for purchase on the spot. This includes HDMI, AUX, Component, and
optical cables, among others. Best of all, they are offered at lower prices than most local
department stores.

So who’s behind Home Tech Services? My name is Chris, and I hold a lifelong
passion for technology. Since childhood, I have been the go-to person for friends and
family in need of tech help. As an adult, I hold an I.T. degree and work as an A/V

To commemorate its new start, Home Tech Services is also offering reduced rates on all
services. This is in addition to the already deep discounts when compared to other in-home
technology providers.

Ready to get started? Head over to hometechservices.info!

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