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  1. As an Uber driver, it wouldn't be worth the additional expense of buying a business policy. However, it's essentially the same situation as when I was a pizza delivery driver in college. That also requires commercial insurance, yet when I was hit by an uninsured driver, my policy still covered me. Why? Because the police will not put anything in the report that is not relevant, and that includes the specific reason that a driver is driving. He didn't put in the report that I was delivering pizzas, and if an Uber driver is in an accident, the officer will only mention that a passenger was pre
  2. It's always tragic to read about these types of situations. But when they happen so close to home, especially in an area that most consider safe, it really makes the sentiment personal. I hope they find the person/people responsible very soon.
  3. It's great to see Paulding County schools embracing technology just as the students are doing.
  4. Have you ever wanted to enjoy the benefits of technology, but don’t want to deal with its complexity? Since its inception, technology has advanced at a rate faster than some can keep up with. This has left a void among consumers who are anxious to use technology but feel apprehensive about its complications. That’s where Home Tech Services comes in. True to its name, Home Tech Services is now offering in-home technology help to residents of Paulding County and the surrounding areas. I assist with even the most basic tasks. Whether you need assistance setting up a computer, home theater syste
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