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From: what do you think about the goverment shutdown?



To set this topic up:


Obamacare is a fiasco. LOW? For whom? I haven't seen or read of anyone who has a LOW premium and doing the Happy Dance.


Oh wait, the IRS will be pulling in millions from the tax/penalty. Which is it......a tax? a penalty? Who cares, the government has more control of the peoples money.


I wonder in whose living room this idea was cooked up in?


Rockysmom then said:


That would be Romney's living room Low.


No, I don't think so.


I would assume, lowrider, that if you heard say, Newt, say that he was for a law that created vouchers and required individuals to purchase health insurance - i.e. the individual mandate that is at the core of obamacare - you would realize that obamacare is an idea that was lifted from the 1994 Heritage Foundation plan offered as an alternative to Hillarycare back then.



I know you have to see it to believe it, that's why I posted a video.


There are also quotes from the guy that 'designed' Romneycare - the wonk that worked under Mitt when he was governor in Massachusetts and got Romney care complete with its individual mandate passed there. The man, a MIT economist, said:


"... there are no fundamental differences between the two laws. Both programs create exchanges where private insurers compete. Both require individuals to purchase insurance. And both subsidize those who can’t afford it. It’s a relatively new way of extending coverage. Massachusetts was the first place it was adopted, and the Affordable Care Act was the second. The two laws are, in the words of Jonathan Gruber, who helped design both the Romney and Obama plans, “the same trucking bill.”



the role and involvement, including Mitt saying no, it isn't the same bill ... is in this NBC report. Of course this article from the 2012 election was at a time when it would have cost Romney the nomination to admit that Obamacare was 'really' romneycare.


finally, the assertion that it is a disaster in Massachusetts is also highly debatable. The fact is Factcheck.org did a comprehensive report on the status of Romneycare, which boosted the number of insured residents from 86 percent to over 98 percent from 2006 through 2011. It is a long report with a lot of good information that refutes the train wreck meme that is being perpetrated about that implementation and by extension, obamacare.


One of the key differences between Romneycare and obamacare is that obamacare includes a variety - several cost saving approaches - that were not part of the romneycare law.


Lowrider; if you are open-minded at all - and I think you are - you'll see my point that the real reason that the GOP is so adamant against obamacare is because they think of programs like this as how the democrats 'buy votes' and they're just real pissed because the Democrats - not them - enacted the law.


Heck, one of the strongest arguments the GOP dominated Congress in 2004 used to get their congressmen on board for the medicare drug benefit was that "if we don't pass it, the Democrats will" ...


They honestly see the passage of obamacare and its implementation as direct threat to their election in the coming decades. To them, it is on the order of how social security's passage in the 1930s ushered in the Democratic dominance that put them in what seemed to be a perpetual minority in the Congress from 1932 through literally 1994. (the GOP didn't have a majority in the house but two years in that 62-year period - in 1946) They fear the same this time and they're really pissed because "it was our idea" if you get past the rhetoric.


Of course the last part is my opinion but I can't imagine this level of vitriol coming from anything any less than from "they stole our idea! and they'll get elected forever because of it. To the folks in the GOP, it really has nothing to do with health care or what works or doesn't; it is about power and if they lose this battle, given the changing demographics and their staunch opposition, they will be totally SOL.


Given that they do feel that it is worth it 'burn the house down' because they believe they will be 'out of the loop' for decades in congress if they lose this battle.


It is not about truth, it is not even about health care and budgets, it is about power.




Source: what do you think about the goverment shutdown?


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