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Eddie invents Oxymoron



I need to do more research before I stick my neck out, here, but I believe this is some kind of Red State Socialism. drinks.gif


Eddie, you've done it now!


You've invented, in my mind, a new oxymoron.




We should endeavor to get Red State Socialism, placed on the oxymoron list.


Here is the official list for oxymoron's starting with R from http://www.oxymoronlist.com/


R & D (research and development)

radical center

Random Logic

(also Fuzzy Logic)

random order

randomly organized

Random pattern

rap artist

rapid transit

Rare steak

rarely done

rational ravings

Reagan Democrat

Reagan memoirs

real fantasy

real magic

real phony

real polyester

real potential

Realistic fantasy

realistic liberal

Realistic schedule

realistic simulation

reasonable attorney fees

reasonable fees

reasonable medical fees

reasonable pharmaceutical costs

Rebel Without a Cause

recent history

Recently new

reckless caution

recoilless rifle

Recorded live


recreational burning

recycling dump

red licorice

regional pantheists

regular special

rehearsed improvisation

relative stranger

relative truth

Religious Tolerance

remotely obvious

removable sticker

renegade lawmakers

Representative Democracy

required donation

Republican Party

required elective

resident alien

resolute ambivalence

restless sleep

Restrained grandparent

Retired Worker

rich country, poor people

rising deficits

roaring silence

rock opera

rogue cop

rolling stop

roomy airline-coach seats

round corner

Round edges

routine emergency

routine surgery

Rubber Bones


rules of war

running idle

running in place

rush hour

Rustic elegance

Russian economy


I have to admit, though, I was most surprised but quickly understood why Republican Party made the list.


Again, congrats.





This was inspired in the quote above in this topic: http://paulding.com/forum/index.php/topic/295918-your-freedom-on-the-line-again-now-they-want-access-to-your-txts/page__view__getnewpost__fromsearch__1


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