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Help me clean up the dirt in District 19! Join S.O.D. (Stamp Out Drugs) today!



Please participate in S.O.D. or (Stamp Out Drugs) for Paulding County. Everyone, including myself, knows someone personally or has a family member that has been destroyed by Drugs. Whether it is illegal prescription drugs, illegal K2 or Spice, Meth, Heroin, Marijuana, etc., we have all been directly or indirectly affected by this family and life destroyer. Why does it continue to persist? Is this not one of Paulding Counties most urgent problems? I need your help, and it will only cost you the price of a 45 cent stamp.


We need to target the producers, dealers and phony companies that are profiting from the death and destruction of our District 19, (Paulding County) Families.While the drug users need to be addressed, this fight is about targeting producers, dealers and phony companies that profit from the illegal distribution of all drugs in Paulding County.


Please get a piece of paper, pen or pencil, or computer printout and send the information of the individuals and/or companies that you think may be involved in the drug trade in Paulding County. You can include your name or not, it doesn't matter. Just put the individual or entity involved and location if known, you think or know is involved in Drug Trafficking in Paulding County. Again, I am not interested in Drug users or drug addicts, only Drug Dealers and Phony companies, set up to hide the money. It may be one Drug Dealer or it may be organized into many individuals.


Please give a 45 cent stamp today and save many lives and families in Paulding County. Mail any Drug Dealer information to P.O. Box 801659 Acworth, Georgia 30101. Please copy/paste this program info, S.O.D. or (Stamp Out Drugs) and email to others, asking them to participate also.


I know this is different. It is time for something different. Nothing else seems to be working. If you have no information, please pray for the success and safety of this program. Thank you, Michael




(added 06/14/2012) Earlier this year, on March 27, 2012, Governor Nathan Deal signed Senate Bill 370, known as the Synthetic Marijuana Bill into law. This law made all types of synthetic marijuana and synthetic substances known as “bath salts’ illegal to possess or sell in Georgia. Manufactures immediately began to produce products which skirted the new Georgia Law. A new family of potentially deadly substances have been on sale legally since April 2012. This emergency action by the Georgia Board of Pharmacy is a stop-gap measure that will provide some protection until the legislature returns to regular session in January of 2013.


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