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  1. I wasn't apologizing at all. I have no guilt about the way I ran my campaign or my messages. I can promise you the prison outfit, raised awareness and secured more votes than the few it may have cost me. Those that said or think it cost me votes are the ones that were going to vote for Paulette or Melissa anyway.What cost me the election and adequately getting myself in front of voters, was the lack of money I had, which only afforded me one Banner on Pauldig.com and approx. 8000 mail outs and a few hundred signs. This is a far cry from having the funds to run ads on ESPN, Hard print Ads in Ne
  2. GeorgiaDawg and Papi "I think it cost him a lot of votes. Voting for a criminalis one thing, voting for a loonytune is another. At least with the criminal, you know what to expect." What cost me the election was uninformed voters like you. If either of you took the time to read my Bio, Education, Experience etc, you would have discovered Ihave no criminal record, more than a High School Diploma and vast experience in operations, including, but not limited to, Human Resource, Marketing, Sales Developmentand Management with fortune 500 companies. This does not include my seven y
  3. Thanks LPPT Now go to bed. I think I can hear Pubby snoring all the way out here in Acworth.
  4. Michael R. James says: July 24, 2012 at 12:21 am As a proud Republican, this is embarrassing and relevant to ALL political parties. It will be a slight on Paulding County, District 19 and the Republican Party, if we send the Incumbent Paulette Rakestraw Braddock, who has been arrested for Insurance Fraud, Assault and currently has an IRS Tax Lien against her as reported by the AJC yesterday. The really sad thing, in my opinion, is the Paulding County Republican Party, Gov. Deal and Pewt is backing her. Go figure? Paulding County is so much better than this! As reported by the WSJ a few
  5. How many times can you vote for yourself? Pubby why did you make Melissa's banner snappier than mine? Never mind, LPPT, right? LPPT, Just take my Ad Dollars and then spell my name wrong. Are you working for the Gov's (save the incumbents team) also? Can I put a sign in your yard?
  6. Animal My number one goal is to not become a whore to big business and PAC's, thus being free to (1st) do what the people of District 19 / Paulding County want me to do and (2nd) attack Education and Drug Issues we currently face. I'm very intelligent and know how to get things done, even if/when it angers others. You have to first recognize what needs changing and often fight to make it happen. It is impossible to make the changes needed when big donors are reminding and threatening concerning the money they have given and will be giving. I am by far, the best candidate for this job.
  7. Glassdogs I don't think our education needs an overhaul, just some very specific adjustments/procedures to help Teachers, Parents, Administrators, School Superintendents and especially students. I also want to say that I know we have some great Administrators and School Superintendents. I listened to a man at the new Waffle House on Dallas/Acworth Hwy talk about how much respect he had for Cliff Cole and the personal help he gave to his disabled daughter. I have great respect for Dr. Ross at Dobbins and the same for Dr. Brookshur before him. Lucy Cromer, a now retired Administrator in
  8. Just thinkin "Do I understand your position on gay marriage to be that you don't personally support it, but if the Legislature as a whole votes for it - you are willing and able to support and enforce that decision?" Exactly! As an elected official, I have no choice after a law has been voted on and passed, I have a duty to support the results of the vote and am thankful we have that duty in America. Does it mean I'm for it, No. But what it does mean is that I have the intelligence to separate my personal views from my duties as an elected representative. Gay people should be happy
  9. Glassdogs Problem: Misconception we need more money for education, and that it is a Teacher Quality Problem. Also, 25% of Paulding Schools not meeting AYP for last 4 years Solution: Submit procedures that will hold School Superintendent and Administrators feet to the fire, relating to keeping the Halls, Gyms, Bathrooms, Busses and most importantly Classrooms in a Home-Like, safe environment that will allow our students and teachers to relax and learn in a atmosphere that is suitable for concentrating and teaching. This can easily be done by specific reports that Teachers, Parents
  10. Wineguy " Freedom from being oppressed the rights of all other people, based on your beliefs and views, is the most fundamental right granted by the constitution." No, that is not at all what I am saying, as I stated clearly above, I have a right to my Individual choice just as a Gay person does, and I would always protect both of our rights to choose, under the constitution. I am talking about my personal view. As your Representative, I have a duty to protect both of our rights to both choices. Wineguy, I am talking about my individual right to choose and your individual right t
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