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Concrete staining is becoming extremely popular in many areas of the country, but for those areas that it's not yet popular, many people are asking what the hype is all about.


Some of the hype begins with the uniqueness that staining concrete creates. It boils down to character. Concrete stain does more than just add color to your plain concrete. It rather produces a solid, opaque effect like that of paint. However, unlike paint, stains actually pervade and infuse the concrete with deep, rich, translucent tones.


Depending on the application techniques and the colors you choose, the results can mimic everything from polished marble to natural stone to tanned leather and even stained wood.


Even when you treat concrete with the same staining product, no two concrete areas will look alike. Floors, walls, pool decks, driveways, walkways, porches, countertops, and other concrete areas will all take on a personal look due to factors such as the age of the concrete, the composition, texture, surface porosity and environmental conditions.


Some stain manufacturers will even use adjectives such as variegated, mottled and antiqued to describe each distinctive look.


So, there's an explanation of what the hypes all about. Concrete stain can uniquely transform plain concrete into beautiful works of art, and for an extremely affordable price.




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