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Decorative concrete has now gone a step farther with the Reflector Enhancer Floors system. People all over want these enhancements in their homes and businesses. So, what are they?


Reflector Enhancer Floors are a unique system that can transform any concrete into fantastic, ultra durable and inexpensive flooring. No other flooring system has been this popular. They easily create colors and mottled patterns that can’t be achieved with any other staining or flooring method. It can also be applied to virtually match any surrounding design or architecture.



Benefits of the Reflector Enhancer Floors system include:

* Unlimited color choices


* Unsurpassed durability compared to other flooring products


* Easy to clean and almost maintenance free


* Cost effective


* Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial


* Easy to apply, typically takes less time than other flooring products


When the owner of “Fit Now” workout gyms wanted a flooring system that unique, ultra durable for high traffic and easy to clean, he chose the Reflector Enhancer Floors system.



Here are some establishments that have already taken advantage of the Reflector Enhancer Floors system:

* Red Bull Headquarters in Georgia


* White Bear Ski Lodge


* Henry Ford Hospital


* Cop Copine Clothing Stores


* Fit Now Athletic Clubs


* Sports Bar of Comercia Park (where the Detroit Tigers play)


* Several residential homes and other small businesses.




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