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Life is all about changes. You know the routine. Just as you become comfortable with some part of your life, it changes.


Just as you finish your education, life is waiting with a new set of changes. Suddenly you are a young man or woman that must pursue gainful employment to take care of yourself.


And let's not forget the attraction of a mate that ultimately leads to a relationship and children. Talk about changes and responsibilities!


Just as your children start their grownup lives you get the pleasure of grandchildren.


Somewhere in these changes comes other changes. You loose a child, a grandchild, a spouse.

All the best laid plans can be erased by a few changes in your health and in your resulting lifestyle.


To those who know me well, the changes in my life had brought me to a standstill. I had almost given up on life. My Will and Power of Attorny was filled out.


As my four daughters are married and have their own families, I did not want to put my responsibilities on them.

Nathan is my final task. If I can get him through school, I will be satisfied.


There is a group of the most helpful and understanding people on Pcom that have helped me keep my sanity and renew my interest in life.


:wub: To each of you :wub:


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Hang in there JJ you are a wonderful person, and yes even the smallest changes affect our lives... but who knows what lies ahead for us... we must keep going... :wub:

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