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Walraven Jansen deVos



One of the earliest of my know ancestors, Walraven was indeed a Fox (deVos). He was born about 1635, the known records list him as a Dutchman (man from Holland) married to a Swedish lady. Walraven came to the New World with William Penn as a soldier of fortune. As the settlement changed hands, Walraven would claim whatever nationality was in control of Pennsylvania. Claiming arthritus, he retired from active service and got a land grant in what is know as New Castle County, Delaware today.

His children chose to use the surname Walraven.

You ask why? No one knows, but maybe a translation of his name is in order.

Jansen was his surname, translated is John. Walraven translated is "killer of birds", a throw-back to the Vikings.


Jump forward three generations to John Walraven, Sr. Born 27 Mar 1743 in New Castle, Del. The sixth son of Gisbert Jesper Walraven was excluded from his father's will. John was raised by his older half-sister Cristina and her husband Elias Walraven, grandson of Hendrick Walraven. (Hendrick was an orphan left from an Indian attack that Walraven Jansen had brought home.) John's mother, Anna Paulson, had died in 1743 after his birth.

John married Elanor Justis April 5, 1770 in Emmanuel Church in New Castle County, Delaware. Elanor was born May 25, 1750 and died in 1774 after the birth of Anna.

John then married Elizabeth White March 29, 1775 in Emmanuel Church, New Castle Co., Del. Elizabeth was about 1748 in New Castle Co., Del. and died before June 7, 1834 in Georgia.

John's grandfather, Gysbert Jesper Walraven, had given money to build Emmanuel Church.


John is listed in the records of Orange County, North Carolina as a landholder (neccesary to vote at that time) during the Conteninal Congress held there in 1775. John was in the Orange County Malitia and apparently had participated in the Battle of Black Kettle in Georgia. John got a land grant in Orange County, North Carolina for services rendered during the Revolutionary War. He had also filed for a disability pension, but was turned down. His Leiutentant James Brooks had moved to South Carolina during the War and John followed about 1787. Both men came to Franklin County Georgia and lived as neighbors until Brooks' death in 1813. John died September 6, 1814.



Orange Co. NC Deeds:


July 10, 1778

John Walraven enters 150 ac in Orange Co. on both sides of Scrub Cr. of Quaker Cr; border: the claims of Dohety Allen and Benj Roney: includes his improvement; warrant issued Oct 10, 1778.



Oct 26, 1778 Benj Roney enters 150 ac in Orange Co. on Serul Cr. of Quaker Cr; border; on N by John Walraven and runs S; includes his improvement; warrant issued Feb 16, 1779.



301,32:449, Benjamin Roney, beginning at a Black Jack thence West fifty Ch to a hickory thence North, thirty Ch to a Black Jack thence East fifty Ch to a White oak thence South thirty Ch to the first Station, surveyed August 7th 1779 by John Harrington DpSur, John Allen & John King SCC, on Scrub Creek a branch of Quaker Creek Bounded on the North by land of John Walmaven, Running South for Complement, Including his Improvement.


North Carolina Taxpayers 1679-1790 Volume 2 Compiled by Clarence E. Ratcliff

Page 210


Waldraven, John Orange County 1779




p. 312 March 1780, North Carolina to Benjamin Roney, fifty shillings per hundred acres, 150 acres, on Serub Cr. a Branch of Quaker Cr., bound on N by John Walraven, being at a black jack, W 50 ch. to a hickory, N 30 ch to a black jack, E 50 ch, to a white oak, S 30 ch. to first station; signed: Richard Caswell; witness: none given; no probate records.

(Ed. notes see also N. C. Paten Book 32:438



P. 21, 28 September 1786, John Walraven Orange, singular, and Elizabeth his wife to John McMurty (no county given), seventy five pounds, 150 acres, on both sides Scrub Cr., bounded on N by land of

Deharty Allen & on S by Benjamin Roney, granted Walraven 13 March 1789, begin at a black jack, W 50 ch. to a white oak, N 30 ch. to a white oak, E 50 ch. to a hickory, S 30 ch. to first station; signed: John Walraven, Elizabeth (x) Walraven; witness; Dougharty Allen, James McMurtery; proved August 1788 Term by John McMurtery.




(1890 ) - 146 Aug Term 1788

The Execution of a Deed from John Walraven & Wife to John McMurtery was duely proved in open Court by the Oath of James McHurtery one of the subscribing Witnesses thereto & ordered to be Registered.


1790 Census, Abbeville, SC; 96th District, page 57; John Walraven - 4 males under 16, 1 male over 16, 5 females.


1. "Elbert Co., Ga., Deed Book B, 1793 - 1795" page 48

p. 39 25 Oct. 1792, Adam Clem & Jemima, his wife, to Wm. Pickings, for f~ 45, in Elbert Co. on a branch of Cold Water Creek, 250 acres. (signed) Adam (AC) Clem, Gemima (x) Clem. Wit: John Walraven, Hugh Hairow,

Proved by Walraven & Harero, 25 Oct, 1792, R. Banks.

Regd. 26 Nov. 1793


1792 to 1802 Elbert Co., GA; Montegomery District along Big Coldwater Creek--John Walraven and wife Elizabeth.


1802 Franklin Co., Ga; John, Elizabeth, William and Sarah Walraven signed as founding members of Grove Level Baptist Church. They had came as an "Arm of Nails Creek Church" from Elbert Co., Ga. Sarah's brother, Jacob Brooks, was also a founding member.


1804 Georgia, "Deeds of Franklin County, Georgia" 1784-1826 pages 12, 13, June 13 1804 Thomas McDowell of Franklin to John Walraven of same 287 ½ acres for $300.00 on north side of Grove Ford Broad River.


1805 Georgia, Franklin- Land Lottery of 1805, John Walraven registration serial Number 43, he drew two blanks. History of Franklin County, Ga page 100


2. An early tax record of Elbert Co. GA., after 1806 to about 1815 show two tax lists. One listed James Hunt of Capt. Montgomery's Dist. 200 acres on Coldwater Creek adjacent to John Walraven. Microfilm 10/82 at GA Archives.


1806 Georgia, Franklin Tax Digest, John Wallravin, Sr, 287 ½ acres, Thomas McDowell, James Miller, Grove R and for John Wallravin, Jr. poll. Vol 1 1798-1807 page 188.


1813 Franklin Co., GA; Deed; page 373; shows Archibald Walraven as owning 274 acres belonging to John Walraven, Sr.


November 1822, Third Sunday; Elizabeth Walraven was dismissed by letter from Grove Level Baptist Church.


May 19, 1827 Greene's District, Gwinnett Co., Ga; Elizabeth Walraven, Widow of Revolutionary Soldier, drew in the Land Lottery. She got Lot # 225 in 23 District of Lee County.


Franklin Co., Ga. Court of Ordinary, Inventories, Sales and Return - Book "G" 1834 - 1843 has not been microfilmed but the original book is on file at the Georgia Department of Archives and History, Atlanta. Ordering from the Vault can see this record - then one must go to Floor 2V to study the book. Copies of the records contained therein can be made only by camera because of the frail condition of the book. (This is filed under Franklin County Record Group 159-2-27)

Page 56. George Thomason, Admin. to the estate of Elizabeth Walraven, decd. 5 May 1835 ...

cash rec'd for lot of land No. 225 in the 23 Dist. Stewart County, sold at public sale........$21.00

5 May 1835.... cash recd. for lot of land No. 193 in the 8th Dist. of Randolph Co, sold at public sale........ $231.00

May 1835... cash pd. for grants, cash pd. for 2 blank deeds.... 26 days for self and horse in going to sell sd. lots of land. Balance....$84.10

/s/ George (x) Thomson. July Term 1835.

Page 70 The Estate of Elizabeth Walraven - George Thomason, Admin.

No. l ... Cash pd. Wm Walraven per receipt ..............$44.07

No. 2.... Cash pd. John Walraven per receipt............... 14.00

No. 3... Cash pd. Johnathan Baugh per receipt........... 14.00


Sept. Term 1835. /s/ George (x) Thomson. $72.07

Page 126. The estate of Elizabeth Walraven to George Thomson, Admr. Georgia, Franklin Co. Ret. No. 1...... Recd. of George Thomson, admr. of the estate of Elizabeth Walraven, decd., fourteen dollars in full of my part or distribution share of the said estate of Elizabeth Walraven. /s/ Isaac (x) Walraven.

12 Sept. 1835. Attest: Thos. King.

Ret. No. 2. Georgia, Franklin Co. Recd. of George Thomson, Admn. of the estate of Elizabeth Walraven, decd. fourteen dollars in full for my part or distribution share of the sd. estate of Elizabeth Walraven, decd. 30 Dec. 1835. /s/ Archibald Walraven. Attest: Thos. King.

Cash pd. T. King, CCO, as per note (?) No. 3......$1.87 1/2

July Term. 1836. Personally appeared in open court George Thomson who saith on oath that the above return is just and true. /s/ George (x)


Attest: Thos. King, CCSource:


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