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Thank you



Paulding.com family,


I just want to thank you and all your members for their support during this campaign. When individuals choose to run negative campaigns, NO ONE WINS in the end. Thank you for all your calls and emails of support. Some of you have already voted and that is AWESOME. I encourage everyone to do their research to make an educated decision for their candidate.


Please take advantage of our freedom to vote!!! Please visit my website and if you need a sign for your yard or to contact me call my cell at 770-597-8211. Thank you also for your contributions. Keep them coming because it is not over until 7:00pm on July 15th. I have flyers, business cards, and door hangers if anyone needs more.


Thank you!!!!



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Just a short note to say hello. Everything I have seen and heard about you has been very positive. You have my vote, Mrs. Cobb.





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