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We've made the move!

In Granny's Footsteps


I thought I'd take a minute and post that our move is complete! Well, at least we've moved to Waycross, and settled in somewhat. ;) It's a start. The next phase will be the building of our new home, and my new soap studio!


Hopefully by the end of summer, we'll have our new "Green-Home" [earth friendly, passive solar, energy efficient] completed, along with IGF's new "green" studio. I can't tell you how excited I am about this and getting my business back up and running down here. I've already got so many repeat customers ringing me up, several stores wanting products, and two major festivals asking for me to vend there, that I'm blown away! I truly feel blessed.


Thanks to all my friends and loyal customers on P.com. You all have collectively helped to make this move happen as well. And just remember that I'm an email click away from shipping you soaps and sundries! ;) Plus, P.com has been such a part of my life for the several years now, that I'll continue to support it and the community as I can. That's right, P.com has fans in S. GA! :)


Here's where we're building:





IGF has plans for 2008!:


~ New studio! It will be an earth friendly space dedicated to IGF's growth, and new horizons! Located on acrage in the country of S. GA., surrounded by old growth pines, oaks, and pecan trees! Featuring an old wishing well on the property as well. Looking forward to expanding my knowledge of local plants and herbs, continuing to wildcraft and collecting them, finding applications for them in body-products and more!


~ I'm working on handmade liquid soap [NOT bought, pre-made and then scented, but literally from scratch, my recipe!]--- great for hands and body! Will be sold more than likely in a pump bottle, as well as a shower bottle too.


~ And several other products, and new scents already in the works! I'll post more about them in the near future!

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:o New scents?!? Arrrrrggghhh --- I'm going to have to buy a studio to store my IGF soap! :p


Good to see you blogging again, SoapMom --- I look forward to more entries and updates. :)

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