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The Great D2D Billboard Caper



It can now be told!


For the past several months, Bill has been planning a new "publicity stunt" to call attention to the Ride for Wet Noses next April, and on Tuesday November the 20th, we pulled it off successfully: A climb up the Paulding Humane Society Billboard and pictures made up there with Bill and His Trek 1000 bike!


The perpetrators of the "crime"


Bill Craig: avid cyclist, animal welfare advocate and local nutcase


Michelle McKee: Photographer and Bill's web-designer


Andy Durden: of A Premier Painting and Home Repair who provided the ladder and moral support. (I believe that's called "aiding and abetting")


Witenesses to the "crime":


"Pubby": Proprietor of Paulding.com, a local community news and bulletin board web-site


"Satellite": Assistant to Pubby and interested observer.


The Details: At a little after 2 pm on Tuesday afternoon November the 20th, on Business highway 6 near Dallas Tire, two men were seen approaching the Paulding Humane Society billboard at that location.


One of the two was seen carrying a ladder and the other was rolling a bicycle.


Said ladder was leaned against the billboard and the first of the 2 men climbed up to the ledge to test its strength. When the ledge was deemed to be safe (in certain areas) the bike was handed up and leaned against the canvas of the billboard and person 2 (the principal perp) ascended and postitioned himself with the bicycle. (A bit nervous, due to the possible illegality of the act itself)


Photographs were then taken as evidence,and a video and interview were then filmed to be shown at a later date on Paulding.Com.


The parties then left the scene of the crime with the authorities none the wiser, or perhaps they knew of the good intentions and decided to turn a "blind eye" to the "heinous act".


My sincere thanks to everyone who helped make this possible, especially to Andy, whom I had only met in the parking lot of a local grocery store and who gave his assistance right away to our cause.


It was a lot of fun y'all, but I am very happy to be back on solid ground!


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