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Is Paulding.com the first to do the TV thing?

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... in the game


Was reading on the University of Southern California Annenberg Online Journalism Review that video blogs and news sites were beginning to happen.


The lead in their story was about a site called Daytonabeach-live.com which offers a 24 hour stream of stories. I tuned in to see the guy looking at a mirror with his camera and talk as he pans the room, pausing ever so long, on the rolling waves outside his window. He also gives a good 20 second shot of the souvineer placques on his wall and talks with a buddy in a voice that sounds like Cheech Martins.


"I was talking to a guy out in Hollywood, man, and he said all you had to do was get a Sony Handycam and just go for it, man and hey, man, I'm going for it ... man," is a pretty good approximation of the commentary.


Still, why argue with success. They guy apparently gets as many as 17000 visitors a day and is now on the VCB mailing list as they want his camera out there covering folks in the 'public' places. Not only that, he conned a couple of rooms from a local beach-front motel in return for his mentioning that as his 'home base' as he webcasts 24-7.

The story also brings out the actions of a video web-blogger ... Lisa Rein of San Francisco who tapes segments from the Sunday news shows and adds commentary. She makes the claim that use of the segments, which are just parts of interviews with major newsmakers, constitute 'fair use' and apparently the practice has not drawn her into a law suit as of yet. Story about Raven (Daytonabeach-live.com) and Ms.Rein is here


Another interesting story speaks precisely what I'm seeking to do here on Paulding.com. Entitled Participatory Journalism Puts the Reader in the Driver's Seat, this story tells of independent as well as established media sites that are inviting their readers to contribute. Probably one of the more interesting efforts is in South Korea where Ohmynews.com ... well here's a clip from the story describing their operation.


<!--quotec-->OhmyNews is South Korea’s most influential news site. With a daily readership of 2 million, it is a collaborative media outlet staffed by professional journalists and a nationwide army of 26,000 citizen journalists.<!--QuoteEnd-->


The complete Participatory Journalism story is here.


Dan Gillmore covers the tech industry for the San Jose Mercury News is writing a book about this phenomenon and the future. (I once earned $10 when they published a picture of mine sent over the wire featuring Ernie Hoberecht and the Mayor of Watonga, OK hoisting the flag to half-staff in protest of the 1977 congressional pay raise -- Hoberecht was VP of UPI in the far east during the post-war occupation of Japan and a close friend of Douglas McAuthur.)


In true "Internet" fashion he is inviting contributions and thoughts from his readers on this phenomenon so I'll have to check his effort out in greater detail.


He wrote a general outline of the book in April of this year and, just as we encourage our readers to participate and contribute, he's asking his to do the same. The subject of the book, by the way, is "Making the News" which is about the changes in journalism being wrought by technology ... people making their own news. The link is: Making the News


I'm certainly excited to see that others are out there doing the same thing I am ... inviting folks to "Make the news" but also jumping in a slogging it as well.


PS: This was posted in my blog for a couple of reasons; probably the most important being that I want to go back and read a bit more about these events and see how we stack up. From what I've seen so far, we're doing pretty good but we're going to have to do better to get some world-wide press for Paulding.com.


See, folks, it would be a lot more impressive story if hundreds of people were posting contributions rather than just a dozen or so. (Hint, hint ... and thanks to you folks who are leading the way by example.)

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Wild and crazy revelation. I had written this short about a fellow I met in Watonga Oklahoma - Ernie Hoberecht - and I apparently initially misspelled the name back in 2003. Oh well, I have the feeling that those UPI underlings would find that not only funny, but fitting given the ego that was Hoberecht.


So you'll understand better, here is the link to him in google search.



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