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  1. your just to cute... thanks .... lol
  2. where did you get the stone?
  3. Thanks - I don't use a machine - I love the satisfaction of knowing I made it...lol
  4. awww...im so sorry I'm saying a prayer now...
  5. No I don't, did not think about that. I'll have to check into that. maybe we should get together and open a bread shop...lol...
  6. wonderful idea... let us know if they start it here...
  7. I just got off the phone with a lawyer here in paulding county. Its going to cost me 1500.00 to get my rights. I have to get my son to legitimized before I can file. GRRRRR!!!!... I really do need a PT job so I can come up with the 1500.00....wish me luck everyone...
  8. is he here in paulding county? and thanks...
  9. does not do family law... dog gone it... but thanks Maybe I'll get lucky he just turned 4... no...its over something real stupid ... i just did not want to air all the silly stuff she did...
  10. Its been brewing up for a while now and now its to the point everytime I ask to see him she says yes and when we go to get him, she's not home or don't answer the door or text me the night before and says she's got other plans. She has not let my son have him at all so I kept being nice and giving into her so I can get the child and my son would come and spent the weekend with us so he can spend time with his son. She just hates my son because he would not take her back. But really its a long silly story...My son does pay his child support every month... Were going to look for a lawyer for him now becuase if he gets to see him, i'll get to see him... people are telling me to get a female lawyer, but I think a man would be better...what do you all think?
  11. Does anyone know the rights and or where I can find a cheap lawyer? I need and want to see my grandchild and I can't.... My son and the lady did not marry and he does pay his child support but she won't let him see the child either. I was atleast getting to see pictures of him on FB but she got mad at me and took me off her facebook now I won't even get to see pictures of my grandson... I really can not afford a lawyer but I really would like to see my grandson in person.... Please any help?
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