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  1. I saw on Channel 2 news this morning that researchers are finally giving the "Dixie Alley" credibility. Hopefully, with this type of research Georgians can soon be able to get rebates and tax credits for storm shelter installations. Check it out: http://smokeys-trail...nado-alley.html
  2. I dig deep holes and pour concrete everyday....let me do it. Save the tax payers some money. Thats my idea of "budget cuts"
  3. The footage of these storms just keeps getting better. I honestly can't believe no one was killed in these storms yesterday. Thank goodness for people taking shelter and listening to the warnings.
  4. I would probably be speaking "in tongues" in that situation. . When we are kids we believe in monsters and our parents tell us "there is no such thing". When we get older we realize there are monsters and this is one of them.
  5. This thing is moving very fast. Would you run outside to an outdoor shelter? ....Or run inside to a shelter in your garage? Best inside view of a tornado yet!
  6. I will Pm you today with a ball park price. If installed in an out building, it must have a door way like a garage door. This is to get the shelter into the hole. They are all one piece except for the top lids. We can install them in crawl spaces and half basements, but only in new construction. Thanks
  7. Yes we work all over the Georgia area. With the large amount of slab homes in Cobb coupled with the recent tornados, we are getting more calls from Cobb and Fulton County. We would be glad to give you a free quote if needed. Thank You
  8. Thanks for your inquiry. The lids are not air tight. They actually roll on ball bearings to allow for very easy opening and closing. Here is a picture of the opening around the lids. Also, the average time by the N.O.A.A. to actually be in your shelter is ten minutes. If you imagine a storm moving 40 miles an hour it is over pretty quick. If you are in your shelter after that, you can rest easy knowing the first responders in your area are aware of your location. We also have multiple sizes to choose from. Here is a pic of our largest shelter. It is marketed as a "14 average sized person model". I tell everyone it will hold 12 "real sized folks".
  9. The two installs, in Paulding this week, above were $5995.00 That is the large flush fit model. Thanks.
  10. I believe the "Placebo effect" is like any other type of conditioned response...real. However, some people will have a different "response to it than others". This is evident in the research of Pavlovs dogs. Yes the dogs did salivate everytime the bell rang but some more than others. I believe that in time if they figured out the bell didn't always mean food, some of them would start a much less conditioned response. My point is, in many controlled studies there is a placebo effect. Whether it is due to "energy" or just mind over body I know not. Good post.
  11. Lucky, I'm gonna have you sold on a unit before the night is over..lol. Good point again. On the top of each unit is a vent. Inside the unit, from underneath the lid, we install a combo/vent light combo. It is battery powered and actually pulls air in and gives you some lighting. The lids are not extremely air tight but the fan does make a world of difference. Also, both of the lids can be removed from inside the units. Allowing for exiting from either end of the shelter. Here is a pic. of the vent/fan we supply with each unit.
  12. We would be glad to look at it for you. We offer steel storm/safe rooms and steel safe doors also . Just give us a call to schedule a free site visit and quote. Thank you.
  13. I should have clarified. With the outer lid of the shelter towards the door , one can still acces the shelter with a car on top of it. This pic. is old and not the best example, but you can get the idea. Thank you for you question. I sometimes take it for granted everyone knows what I mean. It is great to have some feed back.
  14. Yes we install in patios, outside slabs, etc... The only difference is the actual shelter itself. Our "standard shelter" has a raised lid system for outdoor installs.(The flush fit model we install indoors are flush with the finished slab.) We then slope the concrete away from the lids to detour water also. We also provide a cover for them to insure you are the only one in there when you need it..lol. Here are a few pics of them. Thanks
  15. Thats a great point. This is the main reason we register each one with the local emergency services. In Paulding Co. we are supplying a picture and address of each install to the Sheriffs office. They are then setting it up in their system to alert any fire, rescue or police of a shelter at that address. Also, we install our shelter in the garage 12" inside the garage door. This allows the least amount of building material to come down on the shelter and also keeps your family 12" from safety. We offer a 7 ton hydralic jack that can lift the shelter lid up if there is a total collapse. One can also park a car over the shelter to allow the material to "tee pee" over the shelter allowing easy escape. Thank you for your response.
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