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NRA Certified: Basic Pistol

NRA Certified: Home Firearm Safety

NRA Certified: Range Safety Officer

NRA Certified: Basic Instructor

NRA Certified: Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor

Yellow Belt Six Sigma Certified

Criminal Justice Major - Insured




Owning his very first gun at the age of 1 day old, Bolt Action .410 Shotgun, gift from his grandfather, Jon Kilgoar was destined to have a passion for firearms. That passion was found throughout his family, as his father was a Cherokee County Sheriff and avid outdoorsman. Jon also attained the love for the outdoors and hunting turkey as his top animal of choice to hunt! Additionally, Jon was immensley involved in Boy Scouts as a child and the Cherokee County Explorer Post 1911 as a teenager. Both of these groups had a sincere focus on the safety and well being of others. After a long and successful career in Landscape Operations Management after college, Jon decided to go back to his first love and combined firearms and training. Working with Youth for over 10 years with non-profit organizations, he has a real talent of working with and drilling information down for any age to comprehend and retain. Jon is thrilled to see women take ownership of understanding their firearms or uncovering a new love or interest for firearms as a sport or as protection. Whatever the reason a person seeks to learn a new element of firearm ownership, Jon is equipped and ready to train any individual to achieve their goals.

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