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  1. January is an awsome photographer, I would definately be contacting her if you are looking for holiday photos!!
  2. Where is this Zombie apocalypse? Folklore not that scary, Sorry!
  3. Where to begin? Growing up we had to listen to the teacher read the student handbook with the rules, dress code and punishment all the other goodies that were in there. Then we had to sign off that we understood. I know most kids just sign it to get it over with. Kids bring guns to school for one of two reasons, they think its cool (maybe even a toy) or they are afraid of some one. usually the younger ones bring as a toy and the older ones bring to scare somebody or to kill them. With that said, I am a firearms instructor and we teach that it is the gun owners responsibility to first and foremost secure a firearm to limit access from unauthorized persons. It is also their responsibility to teach those that are in their house hold that may come across the firearm. If this were to take place the school shootings would be far less then what we see today. Sadly, there are people that are irresponsble and leave a firearm where anyone can gain access. The S.O. or a certified instructor could come in and give a "gun" talk but I think if we started having experts come in for everything that goes on in a school, when would the students learn the school stuff. It starts at home, teachers go over the rules more than once a year and parents please listen to you children. It may not be your child getting bullied or that"s scared but your kid may say something about the other students, and look at there body language and moods. sorry for the long post!! and yes cars kill way more people than firearms!
  4. Firearms are great and have there place, but aren't for everybody. Situational awareness is key, you have to be aware of your surroundings. if someone is following you drive to the sherriffs dept. or a cop pulled over in aparking lot, call 911 while you are still driving. Don't go home thats what the bad guys want you to do. they don't always stay in the driveway, sometimes they go inside and then you are at thier mercy. ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!
  5. You should always be aware of your suroundings. you can give directions from a distance and stay moving. Everyone should carry a defensive device wether it be mace or a firearm. Maybe it was nothing but something made this young lady uncomfortable, always trust your gut!
  6. Breakthrough Martial Arts in Hiram down from Birdies and American Fitness. Ask for Jarod Hicks he's good!
  7. To parents dropping, off kids. you may want to go in with them this is a very emotional time and they may need you for support. I know they just want to be dropped off, but you may want to be there for them. Just a thought from someone who has been thru it before.
  8. I WOULD REPLACE IMMEDIATLY, cause if she runnin around on you, your gonna have alot more chances to get to the woods!!
  9. Call Robin, www.iluvmygeek.com he has a great deal helping people looking for laptops.
  10. You'll do fine, I've seen your work and you do a great job. Just look for those moments that should be remembered and capture those because the bride and groom will be busy, but they will be able to look at the pictures and relive those moments they missed! Good Luck.
  11. Thats why I carry a gun. I'm too old to fight and too slow to run!!
  12. If I want to transplant perinnials, do I still wait for the fall? because they will go dormant and i may notbe able to find them or damage them trying to move them with the foliage gone. any suggestions?
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