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  1. When you come in to King Tux Rentals with your $10 coupon, please let us know that you got it from Paulding.com. Keep in mind that East Paulding's prom is March 12, so now is a great time to reserve a tux for EPHS Prom 2016. We won't run out of tuxedos or accessories, but it's never a good idea to wait until the last minute. You'll want to go to the "Favorites" page of our website to see other local vendors, such as photography and transportation (limos and buses) services. http://kingtuxrentals.com/favoritelinks.html We're open from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and from Noon - 6 pm on Sundays. If you can't make it this weekend, make plans to come visit us during the week Tues - Fri 11 am. - 7 pm. (We're closed every Monday) Remember to print the directions and bring them with you when you come to visit. GPS-based navigation devices often take our customers on a wrong turn, but the directions from our website will get you right here with no problems. http://kingtuxrentals.com/directions.html
  2. Here's our Web Coupon! Just print it and bring it in when you're ready to to place your rental order!
  3. Please consider supporting a locally owned business when you choose a place to get your tuxedo rental for Prom 2016. Your experience will be better, you'll have more choices, and the prices will be much lower at family-owned businesses, as opposed to nation-wide public companies.
  4. If you have a Junior or Senior in high school who is attending Prom 2016 and is needing a tuxedo, you need information about the process. It can be easy and affordable or it can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. The key is knowing what to do and where to go. Many high school students ask their prospective prom dates on/about Valentine's Day. Once the date is set the young couple will need guidance and assistance with a florist, transportation, photography, dress/tuxedo selection, etc. Parents can help facilitate these choices so that the experience runs smoother and is less expensive to the student and/or the parents. Warning! Large nationwide chain stores, because they're only interested in processing as many orders as possible, require customers to pick their selections from a book, don't let customers try anything on, and typically charge $220 - $250 per tuxedo rental. Because they hire seasonal employees, you may get a clerk in one of these nationwide chain stores who has little to no experience fitting gentlemen for their prom tuxedos. In the big shops, the pressure is on to rent the most expensive tuxedo combination that they provide. Watch out for chain store fake discounts, where they offer "$40 off" coupons, not revealing the fact that it's $40 off of $260, or $220 for the prom rental. The Difference King Tux Rentals has a much wider selection than the big chains, the finest quality, lower prices, and better, more individualized service than the big chain stores. Savings of $100 per rental are common, as compared to chain store offerings of similar styles. We offer a COMPLETE tux rental, with a top-quality black tux jacket ad black tux pants, white tux shirt, your choice of colored vest and tie/bow tie, shirt studs and cufflinks and tux shoes, as a package, for $129.99. Traditional black tuxedos with a black vest and black bow tie -- just $119.99! Tuxedos of different colors are usually $30 - $40 more. King Tux Rentals is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. What to do? Bring the young man in to King Tux Rentals, just off Barrett Parkway. Use the directions from our website, because GPS-related directions often take customers on a wrong turn. http://kingtuxrentals.com/directions.html If the girl has selected her dress, then either bring the dress in, or bring a fabric sample if the couple wishes to color coordinate. Pictures of colors are not a reliable representation of the true color and you may be disappointed with the actual colors if you don't bring a fabric sample. Bringing a fabric sample will also save you time and repeated return trips to our shop. It just makes sense to try to get it right the first time. Payment is usually made at the time that the prom student is measured and picks out his outfit. If this situation presents a hardship for you, then you may pay half at measuring/choosing and the other half when you come to pick up the tux. If you pay in cash, a credit/debit card is still needed as security (to make sure that we get back our tuxes on time and in good condition). We accept all major credit cards. You don't need an appointment to talk to us about renting a tux. Just drop in keeping in mind our hours of operation http://kingtuxrentals.com If the student is a high school senior, you may wish to purchase a black tux for him that he can wear to prom and then to college social functions in the fall. We sell what we rent and we will make you a deal on the purchase of an in-stock black tux. A traditional black tux, barely used, is about $300, complete, including shoes! That's everything that he will need! If you choose to rent, you'll need to make plans to bring back the tux the day after prom. Most proms are held on Saturdays and we're open on Sundays from Noon - 6 pm for returns. You don't have to dry-clean the rental before returning it. Cleaning costs are included in the rental. If you have questions about renting tuxedos from us, give us a call at (678) 401-4999. Feel free to copy, distribute and use our $10 off coupon, which will get you additional savings off our already lowest tuxedo rental prices! One per customer per prom season, please.
  5. Whether you are in Paulding, Cobb, Cherokee, Bartow, Fulton, DeKalb or any other metro Atlanta counties, we can fit you on the spot with a great-looking tuxedo for rental or purchase. You won't even have to make a second trip to pick it up - you can just take it with you! We have assisted young gentlemen at the last minute, on the way to Prom and business executives on their way to a holiday party when they found out their tuxedo didn't fit anymore. Whatever your situation, King Tux Rentals is ready to help you with your formalwear needs. Of ALL of the formalwear companies, King Tux Rentals is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, an indication of our service excellence!
  6. Print the $10 coupon and bring it in to get ADDITIONAL savings! While each customer can only use one coupon per order, if you want to share, print copies for your friends! It is good for either a tux rental or a tux purchase.
  7. It was a pleasure to serve you, lowrider! I was very happy to be able to fix up your grandson in a tux that suited him perfectly! Thanks for continuing to spread the good word about King Tux Rentals!
  8. King Tux Rentals, conveniently located just off Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw, has top-quality tuxedos ready to rent or purchase. We know that invitations often come at the last minute, so we can get you outfitted in a great-looking tux in 20-30 minutes. Typically, a person can come in for his fitting and walk out the door with his rental or purchase! King Tux Rentals doesn't price-gouge! Whether you come in months in advance or on your way to an event, the price is the same as long as we have it in out in-store inventory. A top-line black tux, with a vest, tie/bow tie, shirt, shoes and shirt studs and cufflinks is just $129.99! When you need a rental tux that looks like it has been tailored just for you, why not visit us at King Tux Rentals? You'll want to use the directions from our website to locate us: http://kingtuxrentals.com/directions.html Here's a bonus for you! Print our web coupon and get an additional $10 off! King Tux Rentals is accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. (678) 401-4999
  9. Thanks, Mel! For those who have kids going to prom 2016, get ready for "STICKER SHOCK" if you go to the nationwide chain stores. We're hearing that they're charging $220 - $250 per rental! They'll tell you that their prices START at a certain low price, but the reality is that you can't get a rental for that price. King Tux Rentals has no bait and switch pricing. We're the only tuxedo shop around with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. At King Tux Rentals, we'll give you a straight answer. Our All-Inclusive, top of the line black tuxedo rentals, including jacket pants, tux shirt, vest, bow tie, and shoes is about $129.99. Special orders and tuxedos of different colors (other than black) are available for a little more. One option that is available for seniors, mostly, is that you may want to consider purchasing a tux for him to take to college and to also use at prom. Slightly used black tuxes (jacket and pants) are available for $199.99.
  10. PROM 2016 is just around the corner! King Tux Rentals, located just off Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw, GA is a local leader in providing quality men's formal wear for special occasions. The way that we are able to compete with the nationwide chain stores is by offering the best tuxedos at the lowest price (typically $50 - $70 less than the chains) while providing top-notch professional service. Here's what you need to do. Go to the King Tux Rentals website and use the driving directions, since GPS-related directions often take our customers on a wrong turn. http://kingtuxrentals.com/directions.html Print those directions and bring them with you. Also, if the gentleman is escorting a date who wishes for him to color-coordinate, he should bring a fabric sample of that color with him. The best idea is to have the date come, as well, and to bring her dress. King Tux Rentals serves students all over the Metro-Atlanta area, but we also have customers travel from outside the Atlanta area because we can get special order tuxedos for them - something that the big chains can't do. King Tux Rentals is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and has a stellar reputation for excellent customer service and satisfaction. We like to say, "It all starts with a phone call" (678) 401-4999. Let us know about your special day and we can help you from there!
  11. We're friendly to everyone, lowrider. I'm glad that you asked about this! I look at it this way - everyone should be honored and respected. People pay us to rent or purchase tuxedos and suits. It would be so improper for us to attempt to expand the relationship in anything but a positive way. Anyone coming to visit us can expect friendly, personal service. We're pleased to serve anyone who chooses to come see us. I know that you know your way over here, lowrider, so this is for other folks who may want to visit us and haven't been here before: Make sure that you use the directions from our website when coming to visit, since GPS-related devices often take our customers on a wrong turn. http://kingtuxrentals.com/directions.html
  12. King Tux Rentals, conveniently located just off Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw, has tuxedo and suit rentals for everyone who has a special event coming up! We do not discriminate and welcome everyone who wants to do business with us! We always have! Still popular for this year is the steel grey tuxedo. Try it with a long tie, which gives the outfit a suit-like appearance. Add a pair of grey suspenders and it looks great when you take the jacket off at a wedding reception! On special for the rest of this calendar year for weddings is the free groom's offer with a groomsman's price of $99.99 for a traditional black and white tuxedo with tux shoes included! Have a black tie wedding and we'll provide this price to all of your guests!
  13. For anyone who is thinking about starting a business of his own - Now might be a really good time to get into the wedding business! Except for tux rentals, of course - We've got that covered!
  14. We're having a lot of customers come to us who made the mistake of first going to the big chain stores. There are three main problems that we're hearing about - fit, selection, and cost. King Tux Rentals has complete, head to toe tuxedo rentals starting at just $99.99! That's for the traditional black and white look. If you wish to incorporate a colored tie and vest, the rental is still only $129.99. We'll fit each student carefully and for much less than the nationwide chain stores. Many times, you can take the rental with you, so you'll know EXACTLY what the tux is going to look like! King Tux Rentals is located just off Barrett Parkway on Barrett Lakes Blvd. Make sure that you use these directions when coming to visit us, since using navigation devices usually takes our customers on a wrong turn. http://kingtuxrentals.com/directions.html
  15. Thanks, Lowrider! For those friends who haven't come in yet and are planning on coming in, it's a good strategy to try to avoid the crowds by choosing a time other than 4 - 6 weekdays and mid-afternoon on weekends. I suggest 10 a.m. on Saturday (before most teenagers get up in the morning!) or right at Noon on Sunday. Or -- like today, when there are few people out-and-about yet - a snow-day when there's not much snow!
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