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  1. That crossed my mind as well, so does the difference in belief of the protagonist make a difference in the moral aspect of the action?
  2. You know, I lost a wallet a while back with a bunch of real important stuff in there while I was at a nightclub of all places after an art show and the guy who found it actually called my step brother whos number I had in there and worked it out, met me in Atlanta and returned it right to me....you never know when someone might do something like that for you, stay smiles
  3. There's even a few members on here that are newly divorced etc.
  4. ex. You have a child on one side of the world that is conditioned to believe a certain ideology, whether it be political, religious etc. You have a similar child on the other side that is conditioned to believe a certain ideology, whether it be political, religious etc. As can be expected, the elder members of said childs' community and surroundings no doubt influence them to think a way that may lead to action in any form, rather it be using law, violence, protest, etc. etc. etc. The question comes into my mind, is it okay to condition a child to believe a certain principle or idea? If so, is it still acceptable when the conditioned beliefs and ideals do not meet the standard of the observer? Is there a difference between the two?
  5. I'm sure if this all goes as good as I'm hoping it to, there can be a few Pcom hookups in the interest of other possible Pcom members in the same industry, as well as keeping this thread open for anyone who might have wondered somehing similar, I dont think it'd be a good idea to divulge it at this point, I guess a fair way to say it would be to bring a little more of an artistic vibe to some of the current offerings than some of the current choices offer
  6. I have been kicking around the idea of starting a business of my own for a couple of years now and I think that the time has come to start implenting steps in doing so, but the kicker is that I know pretty much next to nothing about the process, how I should approach it, etc etc etc I know that some of the Pcom members on here have done this and I figured this would be a decent place to start and maybe even get pointed in the right direction of what I need to have, need to know and need to be prepared for......any advice?
  7. Refer to me however you wish, but I think I'm not too far off in knowing who you are either, nor the circumstances between.....
  8. Youre just past logic, perhaps you should run for local office with the way you twist things around to find even a crumb to support your agenda of "He who has the most toys"....what i really feel bad for when there's laws passed that really make it difficult to follow with your obviously strong sense of ethics, and then perhaps you true loyalty to government and law can be tested. In the meantime, I'll keep my loyalties where they should be at and know that I'm not the one supporting the downfall of real American values......
  9. In order to take a law seriously, it must be a serious law.....I'm not anti-capitalist, but I am against abusing a fair system to support a few at the top....does that mean I support redistrobution (sp?) of wealth? No. Does that mean I think the government should be even more in people wallets and lives? No I do not. What I do believe however is this; Nature holds no regard to humanitarian principles and ideals, to include capitalism and the fact that people abuse a system that works is the reason that people idolize people like John Lennon and Che Turdman....not saying I agree, just an observation....because for as much "self responsibility" I hear the right wing neo cons spouting to everone, I'd be stunned for any politician or pretty much anyone at all to tell other people that perhaps there are things that they do not own or even cannot own.... I'm not saying I have an answer, just an observation. So when everything is owned and humans have nothing else to own, we will just fight eachother for space on the very planet that contains and supports our life and well being, even if we do not have the same respect in return.... How far will you go to obey the law? Are your loyalties to humanity, to the constitution, to liberty, or to the law? "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws" high five to anyone who can name that quote without googling
  10. Quakelive.com is up now and in an open beta for anyone who likes shooters...its free, runs in your browser (it does require a plug-in), and is 100% a solid game with like 40 arenas and fast paced gameplay....... www.quakelive.com Register, do the plug in, then play... look me up, for those who play, my handle is Icarusthegreat
  11. Nice, welcome to Pcom too....
  12. lol resorting to insults? Get out of here with that garbage, I've gotten suspended off this site for less than that of course, coming from you I would expect nothing less than for the "law of the land" to be your moral and ethical code, its people like you who ruin this country and make it a mockery of what its supposed to be and I only wish that we could debate the law and its place in society and everyday life in a different context, but alas, I know hi jacking threads is frowned upon on Pcom and this is still a thread about a cave. What bothers me the most is how arrogant people can be in land "Ownership" lol .... I mean, are you serious? I'm not even a PC native and I know people have gone out to those caves for years and years and because some big shot douchebag developer wants to put a strip mall or some equally atrocious eyesore over that beautiful land, he'll gain support from blind people such as yourself because "the law is the law" and people like him have the money to influence those kinds of desicions. Your time will come soon enough and when Hiram is the new Atlanta (but worse), then maybe you'll have a decent appreciation for nature and your greed will succumb to common sense and true moral standing. I feel bad for you.
  13. cept that bear on your avatar it would seem lol
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