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  1. http://patch.com/georgia/dallas-hiram/dispute-between-brothers-leads-shooting-death-hiram-0 I haven't seen anything on PCom about this. And it's not even being covered by the news much. There was a little blurb early this morning. Evidently they are still investigating, but I can't believe it doesn't have this website lit up. Anything??
  2. A friend and her daughters tried last night to access the trail behind the chamber of commerce. Several police cars ON the trail. They were not allowing access at that point. Anyone know anything about this?
  3. Call cobb animal control. They'll come get it.
  4. Beside the point. I'm not the superintendent. Oh, and you spelled sentence incorrectly.
  5. I find it hard to believe that no one has jumped on the fact that this person is the Superintendent of the school system yet did not proof his letter prior to publishing it. There are two errors that jump out at me: 1st - the second sentence of the first paragraph should only have one comma. The one stuck after the word "available" is incorrect and should not be there. 2nd -- what is that gibberish in the first sentence of the second paragraph? It could have said "Closing the schools is a difficult decision for a superintendent to make, ....". Ugh!!!!
  6. Thanks. I am concerned about Hiram Sudie and Bill Carruth. Always a bad intersection anyway. Hubby and son on their way home from work across from Hardy Chev. and still have not gotten here. They are stuck in traffic and can't see much in front of them. They left work at 11:55!!
  7. where on Hiram Sudie, please??? Also, what about Bill Carruth at Ballentine? Any issues besides school?
  8. Two rounds. VERY loud and percussive. Any ideas??
  9. Ok. I just checked that page out. I'm glad it doesn't automatically get saved to my own page. Ugh! Ick! Yuck! Gross! Pathetic! Disgusting! Waste of space!
  10. Yes, it was a domestic violence situation in a subdivision on Ballentine. A coworker here lives in the subdivision and knew the family. The husband had been beating the wife over the last few years. He tried to take his own life that day. He is at Grady right now in ICU. I don't know names nor would I put them on here anyway. But that's the story.
  11. Such a long statement! Wow! But I agree. It's all politics. I never said I thought Austin was "dirty" BUT I did say (and maybe not very well) that I think it is bad judgement for him to be on both boards. The airport and all it's members may as well have put money in Austin's pocket because that's what it LOOKS like. And that's the part people can't put aside. I know of another case in Hiram where the Mayor was on a committee that got new tenants in that space at the Rotary. When you are in a public seat, you don't throw your weight around to get friends or charities their special favo
  12. Note that the definition for confidential uses Secret in it's definition and the definition for Secret uses Confidential in it (see number 5). Per Webster: con·fi·den·tial adjective \ˌkän-fə-ˈden(t)-shəl\ : secret or private : showing that you are saying something that is secret or private 1se·cret adjective \ˈsē-krət\ : kept hidden from others : known to only a few people : keeping information hidden from others ***** Full Definition of SECRET 1a : kept from knowledge or view : hidden b : marked by the habit of discretion : closemouthed c : working with hidden aims
  13. I agree with you that it is odd that Todd is so out of the loop. But, I also think that something this important should have been discussed some how some way -- even if Austin had to go to the Ballpark with Todd's kids or whatever. Not saying that Todd's time is any less or more valuable than any others. Just saying that this is a very important issue - albeit a confidential/secret issue --- but important none the less. I think that when things go wrong in a committee, one should look at the top. Austin wasn't clear on alot of things. He also doesn't have a good dictionary. He th
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