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  1. Shooter

    Found dog

    Thank you. Report has been made and I'm taking him by the vet tomorrow.
  2. Shooter

    Found dog

    Found at little bear in Dallas. Wants to go home . Small
  3. Do you have an embroidery machine for sale???? I need one asap
  4. I need to buy a round pen or fence ASAP. Pm me.
  5. I have a fire. The biggest problem is not being able to read in the sun it is backlit like a computer. An e ink is the best if your going to be outside reading. I use my fire everyday for several hours. It does need charging every two days.
  6. Thank you for all the kind words. I am not alone. I have cried all day. Will you believe he just called begging for money and cigs? What the hell!!!!!!!! I WOULD NOT WISH THIS ON MY WORST ENEMY. My heart and spirit are broken.
  7. Good morning... I'm a mother of a drug addict. It's another day... lies and drugs. I wish I could have a good special day one time. NONE in the last 10 years. If you are a drug addict WAKE UP AND SEE WHO IS HURTING AND NEEDS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am tired of the excuses... it is your family and friends or ????
  8. I wish we had the marchman act like Florida. The addict can be involuntarily taken to a faculty. Read about it at http://marchmanactflorida.com/. I know they have to want help but with my son his mind is so clouded by the drug....he doesn't even know to ask for help. Sometimes a dry out period will help. I have spent thousands of dollars on rehabs and they have worked for a while. I truly believe those times saved his life but the opportunity and old friends returned so did the need to use. Ive blamed myself for years but my pcom friends you are right, he makes the choices and I have no option but watch and pray. Maybe Santa can bring me a small present for Christmas...one more christmas with my son.
  9. The addiction crosses all lines ... my son will use meth if available if not prescriptions are fine. He just doesn't want to face reality. He likes it is what he tells me. Its been over a week since I've had a visual on him. I'm sure he is much thinner. On his binges he forgets to eat, sleep ,bathe or anything else normal. What gripes my butt is all the a**es that sell,use and allow him a place to do it. In this county in the last few years my son has had numerous "FRIENDS" to die from overdoses or die from injuries due to deals gone bad. It's just a nightmare to a mother and other family members. My greatest fear is for him to die scared, cold and alone it this world he has chosen over his family. I feel for each one of you who have posted about your battle with a loved one. If you have information on possible drug active in your neighborhood PLEASE for all of us suffering report it to the sheriffs office. They will follow through... It might save my son someday. In jail he will be warm, fed and dried out. I could slept without the fear of him dying.
  10. Whatcha gonna do????? Thanksgiving without them and now christmas on the way without them too. So many broken promises and lies. I have the blues because I love my child but can't change a thing. Hugs to anyone else in my place.
  11. Shooter


    Pennfield for men is a christian based in house rehab. It is a 6 week progam and then transfer to OPen door is a christian based half way house that helps the men find jobs and enter life sober. IT WORKS... I have first hand knowledge It is affordable and worth it. PM me for my story.Drug abuse is a disease... don't give up on an addict, reach out. If you found out the person had a disease they were dying from... would you help or give up?
  12. It is official She has graduated!!!! Mom was notified earlier in the week. Thank you all for prayers and donations.
  13. Donations are being accepted at SPHS. The students are heading a drive during lunch this week and the front office can collect and give to the bookkeeper. Brigette, Brigette's family, classmates and Spartan family appreciate the kindness witnessed at this difficult time. We are working with some local businesses to hold benefit events to assist her family.I will keep you posted!!!!
  14. Brigette Barron is a senior at SPHS and is battling Leukemia. She is home from the hospital and very weak. Please pray for her and her family in this time of need. Brigette has faith God will aid her in her recovery.I am blessed to know her and witness the love and encourage the family are receiving from her classmates and Spartan Family but needs everyones support. Please Remeber her in your prayers.
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