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    I think we need to put a BOLO out on a few Pcommers from the way back!
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    It was a good game. Interesting that both quarterbacks were from the area.
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    Do you know 12 years ago I believe I made this video I just came across it night before last when my son was showing me a video which I’m going to try to figure out how to put on here that we were laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing at a place called Ruby Tuesday’s !!! I hope you enjoy this video! if not I’m very sorry but call me on my phone. My number is somewhere on this website and I’ll be more than happy to see if I can help restore your joy! If you have NOT had a true belly guy laugh in a while maybe we can break bread one day in the near future and see if we can’t raise your ENDORPHINS!!! ps. I’m using Siri sitting in the parking lot in Hiram I just went to Sam’s which by the way they have NEW buggies! Sounds like they have sand dune rails or something!!!! ha ha Baja ha ha Peace be with you
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    I can’t get back what I heard on the TV today as time is one thing you cannot purchase !!! I’m thankful that I remembered the 13° it almost sounds like a movie instead of 6° to separation call it 13° To separation !!! It will probably slip right out if you are well hydrated !!! OMG... did I just think that!!! I heard it on TV in the news so it must be true Baja ha ha Ha ! So be honest who doesn’t poop at work and why? Especially if you work in Paulding County it’s good to know where there are clean toilets because we don’t live in Kansas anymore and I would hate to get a ticket for indecent exposure alongside the road !
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    I spend a lot of time listening to Folks of ALL walks on a Dailey Basis... Here is what I have been able to gather... There are a lot of people hurting out there Seriously, the CLIMATE that our Country is in... (just turn on the local news) is a trickle down to our SAFE Zone... out our back door. Here is a article I was reading... Why Is America So Depressed? ‎January‎ ‎3‎, ‎2020‎ ‎3‎:‎11‎ ‎PM Read full article IT’S NO COINCIDENCE THAT OUR POLITICS AND OUR MENTAL HEALTH HAVE DECLINED SO RAPIDLY, AT THE SAME TIME. Everyone has his or her own definition of a political crisis. Mine is when our collective mental health starts having a profound effect on our politics — and vice versa. There is a MIRACLE CURE.... Called p.com time... SPEND at least 15 minutes a day on the NEW Paulding.com interacting with your neighbors in your COUNTY! Thanks for reading I Promise you will feel better! Caped
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    it's amazing this here thing called Paulding.com
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    Sooooo, Who won the iPad? just curious...............
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    It's about time! We've been watching this location for a year maybe more. Glad it's finally coming to life!!
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    wow thank you that was very nice of you....
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    We are listening
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    Luck has nothing to do with it. LSU is the best team in college football this year.
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    Let’s go Justin Fields!
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    My Life will 4-ever be changed from attending this event. Thank you for the opportunity to be there and be a witness to the younger and older generations that were attending and or participating! Thankful I LIVE/WORK/PLAY in this community!
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    Not really ... There is a vision here and you are welcome to help realize that vision. My vision when I founded the site was to have folks imagine a big bulletin board on the Dallas Square where everyone could post messages and read them. Then the folks, like some of the group of nine, saw in paulding.com the ability to reach out and help folks. A lot of the time, pcom was only the organizing nexus, like in the relief sent to the victims of Katrina. But when it comes to making this place rock, the most the most important part of their task is to inspire you folks to interact. That can be done by investment in news, investment in promotion or just divine acts of kindness that renews hope and progress in a time where such items are in short supply. And we ought not forget the technical aspects of bringing anything this ambitious back, which is what I understand is the goal of the new management. The point is that the software is really capable of lot ... but getting to the point the management can utilize it is the challenge. They are working on it; they've got full time jobs and they haven't been doing it as long as some people I know. gpatton
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    It appears that is has basically turned into a place for the Team of 9 to communicate with each other instead of using other methods.
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    Apparently that will be “moderated” away.
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    Thanks for offering up that option.
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    And now the Bill Clinton painting in the blue dress and red heels comes out. Totally bizarre.
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    It's not exclusive to third world countries and it occurs quite frequently here. Remember Sandra Bland was killed under mysterious circumstances in police custody. There was even a case were a young man shot himself in the chest while his hands were cuffed behind his back. America is no stranger to strange deaths while in police custody. America is 5% of the world's population but the land of the free is home to 25% of the world's incarcerated.
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    "Will beer send you to hell?" If you're drinking one while snorting a line off a strippers behind that you cut up using a laminated picture of your wife when lightening attracted by the strippers piercings strikes you both and kills you..............mmmmmmmmmaybe.
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    The Bible says don't be a drunkard, but doesn't say you can't drink. Wine was part of most meals back in Biblical times because they had no refrigeration, so juice was fermented as a means of keeping it from spoiling. So most drank alcohol in Bible times. The Bible simply warns of drinking it in quantities where the alcohol could impede your judgement and make you susceptible to temptation. I am a Baptist, but sometimes the Baptists get a bit fanatical about it or confuse scripture with man's law. But we aren't all like that. OK, that was funny!
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    it is written ; Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you're in the clear. Unless it's Natty Lite in which case you are definitely going to Hell.
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    We have a neighbor who has junk all over the yard, but since it's private property, the Marshal's Office wants you to submit a complaint form and you must indicate your name,. address, phone #, etc or they won't investigate the complaint. Why won't the Marshal be pro-active rather than re-active? If a police officer sees a car with a brake light out, they'll pull it over and issue paperwork. But the Marshal, who is a sworn law enforcement officer, won't issue a citation without a private citizen first filing a complaint. THAT'S BASS ACKWARDS. If they see a yard full of dishwashers, ovens and junk cars, why won't they drop by and ask them to clean it up? They're not allowed to per their own policy Can Todd, Vernon, David or Tony change this asinine policy and force the Marshal to get off his wazoo and clean up Paulding County?
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    You could also try West Ridge Church. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to you and your daughter. I hope you're able to find help for her. ((((hugs))))
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    Occasionally I'll go to the KFC in Marietta and get a pretty decent meal... The operator seems to take a lot of pride in keeping his restaurant clean and food fresh and above average customer service...and they offer baked beans as a side item too, Now the KFC in Dallas, well that's another story. The staff doesn't seem to take pride in their work. The food isn't that good and my number one vent is they don't offer baked beans as a side item. Why do some KFC restaurants offer baked beans and others do not. The gal at the KFC in Dallas had no clue as to why they don't offer baked beans. It's too bad that the only thing on my mind today is baked beans.
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    I can count on literally one finger the number of times I have ever eaten at KFC. One time getting greasy, half cooked chicken cured me of that. No thanks.
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    I've taken advantage of the Dallas KFC buffet and the chicken and it seems about normal to me. The chicken is usually greasy and the veggies dry but about what I expect. It's okay for a KFC.
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    I keep hoping they'll tear down the KFC in Dallas and built a Mrs. Winner's in its place. One can only hope that Mrs. Winner's will come back. Or, better yet, a good, locally-owned, mom and pop restaurant with good food and good prices.
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    There is probably an EPA regulation about serving Baked Beans in small confined places.
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    I keep hoping to see them tear down the old KFC in Dallas and build a new KFC in Dallas or Hiram. Tearing down the old one and building a new one seemed to work for the Dallas McDonalds.
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    This here is my favorite baked beans recipe. They sort of remind me of Mrs. Winners baked beans. http://addapinch.com/cooking/2013/05/21/southern-baked-beans-recipe/
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    I have A neighbor that has about 12 goats, many chickens and a couple roosters. The goats have recently started running loose. Driving me batty. Is there an ordinance on livestock in neighborhoods or subdivisions?
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    I only have pigs,a few chickens and 4 goats but that is it. oh and the dogs & cats too
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    I have never understood why people that want Farm Animals would move to a subdivision.
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    I think zoning and/or your CC&R's would prohibit it.
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    I researched this for my neighbor, who has chickens and was being harrassed by an other neighbor, who keep calling the Marshall. As I recall the requirement is 5 acres. You can go to www.paulding.gov and read all the ordanances.
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    Okay, I have lived in Paulding for 15 years and just found out about The McGarity house today, it is beautiful. SO, that got me to thinking, what other "little-known" things exist? I would like to play a game. List either a person, place, thing or event that is or has been in Paulding that is not well known. I have 3 things that are OFF TOPIC, PLEASE do not mention: the tunnels, airport, or Ms.Jessie. THANKS.
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    The identity of the 65 year old Paulding man who died in a fire last night at his home at 244 Trace Road is being with held pending notification of his next of kin. At 11:04 pm on Tuesday, December 31st, Paulding County Fire & Rescue was dispatched to a residential structure fire located just around the corner from the fire station on Mt. Tabor Road near E. Paulding Drive. The initial 911 call was placed by a neighbor who indicated an elderly male, the only resident, might be at home. Approximately 3 minutes after dispatch a Paulding County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived on the scene and reported a fully involved 2-story residence. Paulding Fire units arrived 4 minutes later and began suppression efforts, including an interior fire attack. Engines 3, 8 and 1, Truck 11, Squad 1, Rescue 3 and several command officers responded. During search & rescue operations the roof collapsed, forcing crews out of the home and into defensive suppression mode. The fire was declared under control at approximately midnight. Unfortunately, during overhaul operations, units discovered the body of a 65 year-old male inside the home. As a result, Investigators from Paulding Fire requested assistance from the State of Georgia Fire Marshall’s office which is standard protocol for fires involving fatalities. The cause still under investigation. No personal information for the victim has been released yet pending notification of next-of-kin. For any further information on the investigation please contact the State Fire Marshall’s office at (404) 656-0533.
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