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    Hello everyone, I wanted to reach out as we have recently taken over management of the Paulding Plaza shopping center off Merchants Dr. We have owed the center for some time and have removed the management company and are going to manage it in house. Since taking over the Plaza we have been working tirelessly to attract new tenants and help to lift the Plaza back up to it's previous status. In a few weeks a new restaurant concept we have leased to will be opening in the former Huddle House named Frannick's Cafe, the owner Nick is an experienced operator and a great guy who is setting up an amazing concept. All our operators are small business owners who we want to see thrive, and I wanted to reach out to the community for any input on what we could do to bring people back to the Plaza. We have some exciting prospects for new tenants, but I want to leave my door open for any input people may have. We want to be good neighbors to the community and listen to feedback from the residents. Feel free to respond below or email me directly at andrew@habifproperties.com Thanks to everyone and hopefully you will start seeing some big changes at the Plaza soon! Andrew Vayhinger Habif Properties.
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    Hey, It's Paulding County WalMart, be happy they don't bring possums in.
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    Left food at Penney Family Chiropractic
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    My fiancé and I were nominated for a free wedding giveaway for working in the public service industry. We met at Clark Funeral Home! We have made it to the top four finalists, and we would appreciate it if you would take a minute out of your day and go give us a “like”! The more likes we receive the better chance we are at winning A FREE DREAM WEDDING!! We love being able to help serve this community and helping families in their time of need. The steps are simple…. 1. Go to Muse Farms Venue facebook page 2. Find our video (Tabor + Kyle) 3. Like it! 4. Share it if you want! We truly appreciate it and we thank you so much!!
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    THAT IS AWESOME!! Thank You very much to these Businesses for being a drop off location and Thank You to “The Nine!” Helping Hands And myself, really do appreciate all of your kindness!! Our Community is in need and we need to be able to help them. Thanks Again! Show The Love
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    http://Remember the shetland pony on the airplane and at our own Paulding Meadows ther was a service Bearded Lizard.
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    I wonder if they will let us older more responsible adults go back to "crusin" like we did back in the day.Just sayin.......
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    Braves game was a nail biter very exciting ending. Hopefully the mojo will carry on today. Falcons are awful, have always been awful. King Arthur says he is not even considering a coaching change. Have not gotten into Atlanta United yet even though I played varsity high school and rec soccer. They seem to be a winning franchise so good luck to them. Go Braves, Go Dawgs, Go Atlanta United, whatever Falcons.
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    Parents have no idea their kids are vaping! The flavored stuff is scary. There are so many things wrong with vaping! And on another note, WHY is there advertising for vapes and not cigarettes? Those were banned years ago. Why not the vaping products? They have nicotine.
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    Your software already has a mobile site, meaning it optimizes the site view for a mobile device when such is being used. It re-shapes the site view for a mobile screen (a phone screen is tall and narrow, as compared to a short and wide computer monitor), and removes unnecessary graphics to speed load times. The mobile site here was kinda bad prior to the upgrade, but seems to be much better now. Meaning...P'Com now works fine on a mobile device. Save your money; a mobile app would cost you a fortune and would offer little, if any improvement. There is also the option of Tap-a-talk, it's an app which makes it easier to post to forums from a mobile device. It was a big deal some years ago because it allowed older forum software to be viewed on phones, but now that newer forum software has mobile sites, Tap-a-talk is not being used as much anymore. https://www.tapatalk.com/ Hope this helps.
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    "What did this animal and others do to deserve this other than not being born human I can't imagine. It seems life is only precious when it is our own, suffering only counts when it is our own." That is my question as well. The only animal that is actively polluting the planet and causing harm to itself along with other species has also convinced itself it is superior and more worthy than the rest.
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    I called the Board Of Education today and left a message with someone, there, about doing a food drive for Helping Hands. I called several Churches and it seems that the majority of the larger ones are closed on Fridays. I’ll go down the list again, on Monday.
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    Three people in this thread are no longer with us, makes me sad.
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    I never sleep good! I sleep better without the C-pap machine. I wake up between 2-4 times a night, my bedtime is typically about 3 am. And I get up anywhere from 8 am to 10 am, depending on what time I actually went to sleep!! Sometimes it takes me about an hour to fall asleep. Even if, I go to bed about 1, I still wake up about 8. No matter how many hours of sleep I get, IF we don’t have anything to do, I still sleep half of the day!!
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    Is it on Macland Rd or on 92????? If you talking about the land clearing on Macland Rd, (between Smith & Poplar Springs) kinda sorta behind or nearby the Mighty Fortress Lutheran Church? My guess is that it may be one of those age 55+ subdivisions/complex. They seem to be building a lot of those around here.
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    I think I remember about 10 years ago there was a vote to do a special tax for the widening of Macland Road but it was voted down. That was really a myopic move that makes a lot of people mad because we could have the extra lanes by now. People who have to drive would have appreciated those lanes with a lot of the cost paid for by people who come here from outside the county to shop. More short-sighted decisions.
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    Yes, you are correct abt the surgery being in Marietta. They have their own surgery center. Dr. Mitchell is the best. He only does cataract surgery's. My hubby just had his done.
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    It has nothing to do with the species of animal. Forcing your child to kill his pet is child abuse. People who abuse children deserve to go to prison.
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