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We are not as blind in this pandemic as we thought - that's big

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This Friday the public will be able to view the analysis of how the Covid-19 is progressing nationally on a zipcode by zipcode level using a somewhat randomly distributed internet app that uses data collected from two million Americans from a 'temperature' data pattern collected with a connected digital thermometer. The story about this development is here.

The graphic below is an obviously not intended to show data on the county level and this may be an image using flu data ... but IF it is a close expression of how this is progressing, I'm seeing how it can show patterns. In any case, this KIND OF data set can be quite valuable as it may allow the maximization of limited resources.



A company that uses internet-connected thermometers to predict the spread of the flu says it is tracking the coronavirus in real time — something that had been impossible, given the lack of testing for the disease.

Kinsa Health has sold or given away more than a million smart thermometers to households in which two million people reside, and thus can record fevers almost as soon as consumers experience them.

For the last few years, Kinsa’s interactive maps have accurately predicted the spread of flu around the United States about two weeks before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s own surveillance tool, the weekly FluView tracker.



The link to the story is here:  It includes numerous other interesting links.

If you're using one of these, image.png your data is what we're seeing. To maintain your anonymity, don't disclose your identity.

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