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  1. There is no guarantee of anonymity. All member identities are related to a person. There are rules regarding decorum that explicitly says that attacking an individual person is a violation.


    We have internal rules that prohibit the disclosure of identities by the management of the site. Persons who may through their meeting other members, through their postings or via other means - exchanging emails (the site does not automatically disclose your email address without your express permission when PM'ing other members) or often friending on facebook may expose their identities.


    Anonymity aside, a personal attack need not be direct to be a personal attack. For instance the latest round of porcine references have been incessant and directed at The Postman and so, by association, these comments are at present considered personal attacks against an individual. I know there was an effort to create an illusion otherwise but that effort failed as a reasonable person having read the site would immediately recognize the target of the slam.


    The cooperation and removal of offending commentary by those members who happened to have placed personal attacks in their signatures is humbly requested. The moderators will begin making changes to the offending signatures beginning on the 15th of August. They will issuing warnings at that time.


    Given that the offending signatures exist in perhaps thousands of posts and each post is considered a separate violation under the new rule, the outcome of a confrontation should be clear. Even those who may have a sizable store of mayberries would see those accolades disappear instantly.


    I appreciate and encourage your cooperation. This, I believe, constitutes a fair warning that this kind of snarky behavior will not be tolerated.




    PS: The Baconfmly03 ... you need not worry as I understand your username is not associated with the current nastiness. Your user ID is as much a victim as anyone.



    LOL I am glad that I am ok I wasn't even aware that it could be taken any other way.

  2. Hey Bacon's How on earth did you find these? I have never seen these before. Tell your hubby I said he better get to work on those. I want to see the finished product..LOL


    Is he making them at your house then taking them to your moms or making them at your moms house?



    LOL hey chevygrl he is going to make them here and then take them up there I guess. Mom said her dad used to make some but they were the V shaped on the ends I think these look better like a flower.

  3. This is a silly but it drives me crazy. Hopefully someone with fast food experience can explain.


    Say you go to a fast food drive-thru and order something that takes a few minutes to cook. Nobody is in line behind you in the drive-thru. Why do most fast food joints have you park to wait for the food even though nobody is in line behind you? Why not wait until someone else is in line before asking me to park? Why can't I just sit at the drive-thru window until the food is ready? Wouldn't this save the worker's time since they wouldn't have to bring the food out to my car?





    P.S. Yes, I know fast food is bad for you. :pardon:


    P.P.S. No, I'm not concerned with how many people are killed at drive-thru windows. :rolleyes:




    Would this happen to be KFC?

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  4. Okay - so idiot youngest moved the xbox with the disc in it. And, the disc is scratched. The brand new disc with the season pass map pack. The brand new disc that we were at Game Stop at midnight to pick up.


    The frustration level is SOOOO high right now.


    Anyhow - is there any way to salvage this game? There appear to be four scratches - in each quadrant - about mid way around the disc.


    Yes - my youngest is a hard headed idiot that can't follow directions once he's decided that he knows better or that your directions are stupid. While my oldest is one that will learn and listen to others - youngest has to discover everything himself.


    I wouldn't even be asking if it wasn't that damn $40 map pack.




    Where did you buy it at?

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