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Do people still want the same things.

Do they want to speak openly and freely about relevant subjects in their community.

P.com allowed that. The lines on the road were quite liberal.  People were simply ask to adhere to the barest minimum of civility. This in itself was off-putting to some, that people were allowed to speak to others in that manner.

On the other hand because it was the internet and folks were anonymous they felt they should be able to say anything in any way. No matter what you think it was crazy popular and successful.

The more constraint the less popular, there was a difference of opinion on who should be constrained.

Therefore it had to be destroyed.

The question is are we as a community better off with it gone.

Is it better to just have message boards for like minded folks? Is tribalism better for humanity in general? Or is it a cop out for those that find it just to tedious in general.

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