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Never discuss politics or religion in polite company

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This one was pretty deep. Is there a time and a place to discuss both?

Would it be only with people you are pretty sure are close to believing as you do?

Would it be with family since blood counts.

Would it be with people you don't like and therefore don't care about a relationship.

Is it ok with people you hate and therefore can hate more.

Maybe with people you love and respect and want them to be better informed?

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This is what I actually learned about discussing both topics.

You are discussing peoples most inner life, often informing them they are wrong or confirming their beliefs.

A persons political and religious beliefs are based on their experiences, their lives, every moment of every day.

All the terrible things that have happened and the good too.

This is where they truly live.

These are the controlling entities of their lives. This is a persons very existence in the social structure.

No 2 persons experiences are exactly the same, but many are similar. This is why one should always tread carefully when discussing the ruling factors of a persons life.

Maybe the religion should be respect, the political the enforcement of respect. 

Neither should be a form of entertainment 

When one insults someone's religious or political beliefs you disregard their life experiences, the beliefs that keep body and soul together.

These days we do it casually, we cut our friends, our family, and our neighbors to the quick. We proclaim their life experiences as irrelevant.

A society can not sustain this that is why one of the rules of society was adhered to. Nobody wins when society falls apart.


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