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Here we go again with the question of accountability in social media. Zuckerberg finds himself front and center once again.

Do you hold people accountable for what they post on social media or social media for what they allow on their platform. After all one is providing a service that allows people to self publish. Social media is not much different than the printing business. You have the equipment to print, to publish and to distribute. Granted it is now done in a few seconds rather than days.

I guess it comes down to credibility and desire.

Some saw it as a way to simply communicate with those they click with. That is not really what social media is. Group texting is a way to communicate with folks you click with.

You quickly learn that people into social media love an audience, they want to be heard, they crave reaction. Take away audience and the keyboards go dead.

There are some that believe that the platform should allow any and all some would want to exposé humanity to.

It was quickly discovered that it was like handing a child a piece of candy for every meal, eventually the child dies of starvation. Nobody truly wants an anything goes social media platform, like a child they simply want their own way 100% of the time.

This is where social media runs into the weeds. Finding real humans to listen to the temper tantrums constantly. There are a few phases mental change until burnout is complete. Congress does not truly understand what Mr Zuckerberg is being ask to do. It is impossible to control the millions of people on social media from all over the planet.

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There is however a responsibility to the community. There is a responsibility to humanity. Ukraine is a prime example of the horrors that can be visited upon humans when social media is totally and completely controlled by evil entities. Do you allow social media to freely be used by evil people with total disregard for the safety of humanity. Do you allow people to demand more and more of the entity that influences them towards the destruction of their lives. Is it one responsibility to shut it down. These are the real issues facing social media.

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I noticed when Mr. Zuckerberg began to try to control the massive amount of misinformation being published on social media there was a great out cry against moderation. Claims of hidden agendas against groups and individuals. People leaving to never return to the evil social media that would not allow them the information they craved, that refused to uphold their beliefs and values.

Truthfully Mr. Zuckerberg upholds the belief of the American people in pursuit of wealth above all things.

The government interferes with this by objecting to his platform that is 100% pay to play. Meaning as long as what you publish keeps people engaged then by all means publish what you want. It indeed hurt him as people went to other platforms where they served up only what people wanted to hear. Where there was a guarantee that dissenting views would have no voice. 

This brings us to the joys of peer life. The comfort of being nestled deeply in the comforting bosom of ones peers. Right or wrong one can belong.

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Ahhh peer pressure. Peers are good unless one is being driven into a corral or even worse over a cliff.

I remember growing up asking my mother to go with a group to certain things or asking for things they had.

She would say no and I would say but everyone is doing it.

Her immediate answer was I don't care if everyone is doing it. If they all jump off a bridge are you going to do it too.

I have seen a lot of things over the years that groups of kids were doing and seen a few tragically maimed or killed.

I have seen a lot of pain from it too.

Like when your peers expect you to disown, mistreat, and throw your gay child into the street. Send them to therapies as proof that you have done everything possible.

What kind of peer group demands that you hate your child. 

In fact the glue in many peer groups is hatred. The leaders often feed that hate because it creates adhesion and fear just like in any herd fear is what cements the bond.

My mother taught me to judge all groups of people  maybe too much because I don't identify with groups and consider none my peers. I find little or no solace in belonging in being forced to go along with things I feel are wrong to be accepted. I see the manipulation of fear and very little reward other than someone assuring the worse did not happen.

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