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Lawn Mower Repair in Paulding, Hiram, Dallas, Douglasville

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Just a friendly reminder, I'm still here to help you out with your mower worries. Worry no more!! Call or text me at 678-315-8794.


I encourage you all to visit my website for some changes in policy, prices, and repair time. Just to touch on a few points, I am working ALONE this year. No second mechanics and no secretary, just me. So, I'm requesting that customers TEXT me first, then I will follow up with a phone call as soon as I'm able. If you prefer to call, then please LEAVE A VOICE MAIL. I do not return recent calls unless a voice mail is left.


As a one man operation, turn-around time may be slightly longer, while still quicker than most. On the upside though, the buck stops with me and you can feel more secure about every little detail being noticed and handled appropriately.


Meanwhile, I still offer pick up and drop off service, as well as MOBILE service within my range. This means I am NOT ALWAYS AT MY SHOP. So, please CALL prior to dropping off equipment. While these are the pitfalls of operating on a small scale, the upside is you'll get much better quality service on a more personal level. I do ask that anyone needing MOBILE service at their residence or business MUST have a garage or other COVERED area to work in.


Mobile service is $30 cash, due upon arrival. No personal checks accepted. Having recently acquired full time employment as an engineer, this is a cash only business, and is offered primarily as a convenience service to my local community, due to popular demand. I've got a lot of elderly customers I have serviced for almost 10 years, and they've been adamant about me keeping my doors open for them. These simple guidelines help me keep it that way for the benefit of us all:


When calling or texting, please state your name, the brand name of the item & a brief description of the problem you're having. This expedites things along much quicker than you would think. I prefer an initial TEXT, as this provides me with a record of details. Please include the model number to your machine (if you can locate it yourself) if you text me for service.


PLEASE CALL OR TEXT ME AT 678-315-8794 for service. Thank you all, and I look forward to helping as many of you as I can this year. :)


Thanks again,



Glenn's Mower & Small Engine Repair

113 Henry Ray Road

Villa Rica, GA 30180


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Just a head's up, folks. Business went straight through the roof this year, and I'm hopping to keep up, as well as making some policy and price changes. I'll update as soon as I'm able. I'm also looking to hire a good small engine mechanic, so keep your ears and eyes open for me. Thanks!~



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