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Daily Deals: Crayola Dream~Makers Classroom Project Guides $1.50/1 or $5.00/Set of 4!

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Language Arts


Based on National Visual Arts Standards for English Language Arts. Lessons encourage reading, writing, storytelling, wordplay & vocabulary learning.

24 lessons, 104 pages

Each lesson is in a full four-page spread.

Photos of outcomes by younger and older students

Complete instructions for 3 grade levels: 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th

Objectives, standards, word lists, background information, preparation, assessments, extensions, additional resources, diagrams, tips and more – everything needed to deliver lessons.

Social Studies


Encourages the learning and creative development of children through art activities

Emphasizes the value of visual learning in all curricular areas, and calls attention to the creative work of children through exhibitions of student artwork.

Students explore Social Studies topics in-depth as they study advanced technologies, reflect on cultural differences, compare behavioral changes and examine positive character traits.

Based on National Visual Arts Standards and the National Social Studies Standards and the applicable National Health Standards.

Each lesson is a full 4-page spread — it’s complete, comprehensive, organized and saves time.

Principles of Art & Design
Time-saving, easy-to-use Dream-Makers educator’s guide with complete lessons and instructions for Grades K-6th. 24 lessons, 104 pages.

Time-saving, easy-to-use educator’s guide.

Engaging activities and ideas enhance learning.

Each lesson is in a full four-page spread so it’s complete, comprehensive and organized.

Includes objectives, standards, preparation and more – everything needed to deliver lessons.

Early Childhood
Crayola Dreamaker resource guides give you innovative ideas for engaging young students in activities that are developmentally appropriate and build school readiness. Theme based and can be applied across various EC situations and age ranging from infant to age 5. 48 exercises
These well put together study guides are great to use for public schools,
private schools, and homeschooling
as a supplement or primary curriculum.
Retail Price $16.99/each
Our Price $7.95/each
NOW ONLY: $1.99
TODAY ONLY: $1.49/1 or buy a complete set for only $5.00!
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