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Yeah! New Scents are HERE!

In Granny's Footsteps


The new scents have ARRIVED as of yesterday!!! WOOOO HOOO!


I'm psyched. I'm itching to start soaping them, but alas, I'll have to wait till next week. I'm so pumped up about all of them -- they are really nice oils, fantastic fragrances. I can't say which one is my favorite yet... each of them had something about them that I really liked. I think that there will be one of them that will become one of your favorite soap scents!! smile.gif Midnight Margaritas, here we come! :D


I also got in 200 lip balm tins, so I'll be brewing up more of those in all the flavors soon.


I am going to also be making a lotion bar in a tube which is like a lip-balm tube also. Will be similar to my Dry-Patch-Skin-Balm, except in a tube.



I think I've got my Sugar-Scrub where I like it, so I hope to be offering those for sale soon. Cool thing will be that they will come in a nifty glass jar, that you can turn back into me for a refill, at a cheaper rate than your initial purchase. :)



Other neat news from Granny's Kitchen:

  • We're looking at "pumping up" Soapy's business. I'm researching more commercial sized equipment so that I'd be able to make hot-process soaps at a larger amount.... from six pound batches to say 24 pound batches at the time! :) This will mean an increase in production, be able to offer deals and discounts, and probably wholesale too. I'll always be available for small, personalized batches of soap though -- don't forget that. You got a fragrance that you really, really want, PM me about it, let's chat and work out a deal. I'll be happy to become your personalized chandler. (Chandlers, btw, weren't only candle makers historically speaking. They also made soap normally!)
  • I'm always open to hearing from you about products you'd like to see at In Granny's Footsteps. The "core" of our business will always be soap, so don't be surprised if I don't stray too far from that source. I am willing to consider complementary products to our line of goods. I'm in full research mode right now about making liquid soaps. I'm not sure that I'm really going to venture in that direction yet. Time will tell!

Thanks for your support! I truly appreciate your business.


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