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Tate Execution



Ive been following this case closely for the last couple of weeks. As some of you may know Nicolas Cody Tate is scheduled to be executed tonight at 7 pm. This case bothers me for a couple of different reasons. Although, not closely associated, but somewhat, I am friends with the husband of the murdered woman and her child that were killed by Mr. Tate. I watched this family suffer for years, and to some degree they still suffer. Though trying desperately for the last 10 years or so he had been trying to rebuild his life, and has not succeeded yet. I am also bothered by Mr. Tates refusal to appeal his sentence. His brother tried to file an appeal on his behalf that was denied, and how was he able to do this from prison himself. Where are the parents for these young men? How have they fared over the years? I feel some solace for Mr Tates acceptance to forgo his death sentence- but this whole case seriously just bothers me. How have the Williams parents taken all this news, and are they prepared for what will happen tonight at 7 pm. How do the Tate parents feel about what will happen tonight at 7 pm. I love my community, and today and tonight Paulding County will be a very sad, angry and confused place to be. Ill be curious to see what happens, and lastly does anyone know anything about this non profit organization that has stepped in to try to stop this execution. No matter what happens tonight I hope everyone involved in this sad sad case can gain some sort of closure.


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