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From: My Mother



I'm not one to get on here and ask for much of anything..........


Y'all are my cyber pals and I just get on here to express myself.


My mother will be 80 this year and she is on the last of her journey on this earth.


She's been sick since Christmas. She just hasn't felt well and has had trouble breathing but she wouldn't go to the doctor.


Last week I was at her house every morning because she couldn't breathe. Finally I convinced her to go to the doctor, so Wednesday we go see the doctor. I told her then he would probably put her in the hospital.


Her heart rate was sky high (she has Atrial Fibrillation) and her blood pressure was 220/150.


Her primary care took an X-Ray and she had fluid on her lungs. So we go across the street to her pulmonologist. He put her into the hospital.


She hasn't been eating, she's lost weight and I asked her if she was taking her medications. She has CHF along with diabetes the last couple of years. She said that she's called for her meds but they wouldn't call them in. Didn't make any sense.


I go see her and take her Boost, take her food but she never had an appetite. I take her out to eat and she takes a couple of bites and that's it.


I've noticed the last couple of months she's said some off-the-wall things. The folks at the hospital call it "confused".


It's been a week now. Last Friday they drew a liter and half of fluid from her lung. Saturday she went into ICU and she was just talking crazy. She came back out on the floor Monday.


She tried to get up so she could go home, and she fell. Thankfully she has strong bones and nothing was broken.


All she can talk about is going home. She wants to go home. Sunday she was asking if I had talked to her Mama (my granny) to let her know that she was in the hospital. I told her I would call her. Now she wants to know if I've called her yet.



I talk to her on the phone when I am here. She has her cell phone so she doesn't have to dial any numbers.


The doctor told us today that she has lung cancer.


I spoke with him tonight and she has stage 3b-4 cancer. Considering her health and how weak she is I'm hoping she makes it for another Mother's Day.


I plan on having more family meals and getting lots more pictures.


The doctor is going to put her into an in-patient rehab, but regardless, when she comes home she can't stay by herself. And she is a very independent person.


I took care of my first husband when he had cancer and I will take care of her. It's just so sad and this is not what I expected.


She is aware of what the doctor told her. The doctor told me she is probably too weak for any kind of treatment (ie: Chemo or radiation) and I'm not sure she would go through that.


Anyhow, I just needed to talk.


And I need your prayers for her and our family.


My heart is breaking.


Source: My Mother


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