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Steve Kish for Sheriff



Hello, my name is Steve Kish. I have been a resident of Paulding County for fourteen years. I have three children who all attend Paulding County schools. My family and I have been attending Hope United Methodist Church since 2000, where my wife teaches Sunday school to 1st graders.


I am a Lieutenant at the Marietta Police Department, where I have served for fifteen years, half of which has been as a supervisor. My experience with Marietta ranges from School Resource Officer to S.W.A.T. and just about everything in between. My unique talents are needed to bring the Paulding County Sheriff’s Department to its full potential.


I invite you to visit my website at http://www.stevekishforsheriff.com for more information. I welcome your thoughts and opinions and hope to hear from you real soon.


I know that the only way law enforcement can be sucessful is when we work hand in hand with the community. I believe that together we can make our community a safer place to live, play and grow.


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I am excited about your campaign. I think vigorous enforcement of the laws is important. I want a Sherrif who will protect our citizens from those who break the law. However, I am also concerned about the unusually large number of roadblocks we have here in Paulding County. While I do want the laws enforced vigorously, I also don't like being stopped and interrogated every time I leave the house for no reason. It seems to me that we have enough criminals out there committing crimes to keep our PCSO deputies busy without shaking down everyone who drives by a certain location. What do you think about the use of roadblocks? What limitations would you place on their use? Thanks for your time.

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Probably not the same Steve Kish, but I grew up in Mableton in the mid '70s, and had a friend that lived in Castlewood Mobile Home Park over by Fulton County Airport, by the name of Steve Kish...he had a sister named Sandy, if I remember right...is this the same Steve Kish?

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