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  1. It was a good car for us except those problems in the later years. We brought it brand new and never had any problems with it till then. My son was saving money to fix it up. So that is why it is important to me. If I dont get it back it will be alright. God knows the truth so it will work out. It it is on someones property for that long your are right that is what I was told but it was not theirs to take. My friend died and they just took it upon themselves to do whatever they wanted with what ever. Thanks to all of you. God bless
  2. I am not thankful doesnt matter it is still my vehicle and it is not right for anyone else to take it. Thanks for your opinion. Thanks again.
  3. It was there for about six months. It needs a transmission and motor put in. Thanks any info on it? Thanks.
  4. If you or anyone you know purchased a vehicle from 573 Coach Bobby Dodd Road in Dallas. The car is stolen from that property. I am in the process of finding the title and contacting the police asap. The car was broke down and sitting in a friends yard and he passed on. Some people that was staying with him at the time sold the car or did something with it. It is unique looking as it is missing a left mirror unless they got it fixed. If you have any information on this please leave message. Thanks
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