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  1. Thank you for your vote and your support.
  2. RE-ELECT SAM CLARK PAULDING COUNTY CORONER Importantinformation and facts 1. The salary for the current Coroner for the year of 2012 will be $5,100.16 in addition to this the County Coroner also receives the same county insurance package provided to the rest of the county employees. It has been stated the opposition will reduce this salary to $5,100.00 saving the tax payers $0.16 annually. Paulding County also pays $175.00 per case worked to the Deputy Coroners; this is a State mandated fee that is to be paid for each death handled by their office. a.The so called inflated cost for transporting bodies is an agreed on price between the Paulding County and the Coroners Office due to the Coroner providing the vehicle, insurance, fuel and man power for the transports. The cost of transports is deducted from the Coroner annual budget; this is not an extra benefit to the Coroner. b. Paulding County currently purchases their own body bags; therefore there is no profit made on these bags. c. Paulding County annual Coroner’s budget $69,200.00, with an approximate census of 142,324 Carroll County annual Coroner’s budget $78,764.00,with an approximate census of 110,527 Bartow County annual Coroner’s budget $69,791.00, with an approximate census of 110157 2.The conflict of interest that has been alleged in the campaign is an allegation only: a. The cooler/holding facility that the opposition has suggested will be a costly venture and the construction of the facility is only a beginning of the cost. After a potential facility is constructed there will be operational cost including utility bills, maintenance cost, staffing and security cost, therefore increasing the cost to the county. b. The County Coroner does own and operation a private funeral home in Paulding County and has when needed used his facility to hold bodies until the body can be identified, families notified or family wishes obtained. This service is provided at no cost to the county. c. If any other funeral home wishes to offer this service at no charge to the county, please contact the Coroners Office to make the arrangements. d. At no time does the Coroner or his staff attempt to persuade, influence or assist the families of the deceased, choose a funeral home or cremation site. However, the Coroner’s Office must ask if the family has a predetermined choice or a preference so the facility can be contacted and transportation arranged to the families authorized funeral home. 3. Training is mandated by the State of Georgiaand each member of the Coroners Office attends yearly training that meets State of Georgia requirements. The current Coroners Office is staffed with experts in the medical field, these individuals are committed to respond with sincerity, equipped to the needs and concerns of those experiencing loss. They are aware of medical problems, crime scene preservation, and work closely with Law Enforcement to ensure all cases receive proper investigation. We are committed to achieve highest standard of professional conduct, standard of trust, moral conviction and ethical conduct to which we are held accountable by the citizens of our county. RE-ELECT SAM CLARK PAULDING COUNTY CORONER. THANK YOU
  3. Overview: The Coroner's duties and responsibilities have changed tremendously during the last 15 years. These duties as required by law can be divided into three major categories: Investigative, Judicial, and Administrative. Investigative Responsibility Title 45 Chapter 16 Section 24 of the Georgia Code Annotated requires the Coroner, along with a law enforcement officer and medical examiner, to investigate the following types of deaths that occur within their various jurisdictions: As a result of violence By suicide or casualty Suddenly when in apparent good health When unattended by a physician In any suspicious or unusual manner After birth, but before seven years of age, if the death is unexpected or unexplained As a result of an execution carried out pursuant to the death penalty When an inmate of a state hospital, or a state, county, or city penal institution dies The coroner's major role in the investigation is to help establish the cause and manner of death. The "cause" is the medical reason the person dies, and the "manner" is whether they died as a result of a homicide, suicide, accident, natural causes, or in an undetermined fashion. The importance of ascertaining the true cause and manner of death cannot be over-emphasized. In addition to the monetary aspects, such as the difference between the insurance payoff in a suicide as opposed to an accident, there may also be family and public health issues to address. The coroner has the difficult responsibility, in most cases, of notifying families of the death of a family member or loved one. If the death is due to an infectious disease, proper authorities must be notified so measures to protect the public may be implemented. If a death is improperly ruled a homicide, someone may lose his or her freedom. The advances in medicine, forensic sciences, and death investigation techniques have enabled the Coroner to delve more deeply and be more accurate in determining the cause and manner of death. Due to these advances, it takes a great deal more time to properly investigate a death. Judicial Responsibilities: Title 45 Chapter 16 Section 27 of the Georgia Code Annotated requires the Coroner to hold an inquest in certain kinds of deaths: "When an inmate of a state hospital, or a state, county, or city penal institution dies suddenly without an attending physician or as a result of violence" and "When ordered by a court". Coroners have the authority to hold an inquest on any case, but are required to hold one in the above situations. An inquest is defined as an "official judicial inquiry before a coroner and a coroner's jury for the purpose of determining the cause and manner of death". It requires a lot of time to set up an inquest, issue subpoenas, and conduct the inquest. Administrative Duties This is probably the most time-consuming part of the Coroner's duties. The laws have changed in the last 10 years, adding more and more administrative responsibility to this office. <BR style="mso-special-character: line-break"><BR style="mso-special-character: line-break">
  4. RE-ELECT SAM CLARK PAULDING COUNTY CORONER Sam has served as Paulding County’s Coroner since 1992 and is a lifelong resident of Paulding County. With 48 years of experience serving families in the funeral industry and 38 years in the EMS field. DEPUTY CORONERS Barbara Bellino Newsome: EMT, Registered Nurse, serving in the medical field for 24 years. Karen Horner Robinson: Paramedic, serving in the medical and EMS field for 12 years. Dennis Tibbits: 10 years of service in the medical and funeral industry.
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