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  1. I have never ever said the SM IS guilty to the exclusion of anybody else, nor has anybody else!!! eym_serious has even stated he believes the 16 year old should be a focus. AND HE MAY BE!! We are NOT privy to all that is going on with the investigation PM. And no, I don't believe the boy in that car is Kyron Again, I don't believe the boy is Kyron and after seeing the video (as opposed to just a photo), I'm even more convinced. Sure there's some resemblance, but the sunlight is almost fully on this boys face, yet it's clear his glasses are not darkened as in the photos I posted of Kyron.
  2. Hmmm. It resembles him, but Kyron has the kind of glasses that darken when he's outside. Wpuld they darken inside a vehicle? The photo on the far right of Kyron really looks like the little boy in the car
  3. Her son is now 16 and he was 11 when when she got the DUI, so I think it would have been in 2005. I did read that she had other traffic violations between 1998 and 2000 something. Maybe this was one of those. Do you know if this was a conviction for something?
  4. :blink: :blink: Um, maybe you need to take a break from the message boards you've been reading.
  5. Oh good grief!!!!!! My "conspiracy theory" comment had nothing to do with you thinking LE should look at other angles. It was because you believe they HAVEN'T!!!! You're right PsychoMom, none of us know who is responsible for Kyron's disappearance. What I have mentioned is simply my opinion. You have voiced yours. That's fine. I don't have blinders on thank you. I have looked at several possibilities as to who could have taken Kyron. . Some I've rejected because to tell you the truth, they made absolutely no sense. You'd have to bend over so far to make the scenario work you'd fall on your face.
  6. Bio-Mom implores Terri Horman to cooporate with investigators http://www.katu.com/news/local/97614744.html?tab=video
  7. There have been so many, many, MANY things in the 4 weeks Kyron has been missing that the investigators have been silent about. If we don't know a 10th of what has gone on in the investigation as far as Terri is concerned, what in the world makes you think they would tell us anything about Kaine?????? If not for Terri's blabber-mouth talkative friend, we wouldn't have known about her first polygraph, much less her second. LE didn't let that out. We don't know who was questioned, nor do we know who was polygraphed. I can guarantee you though that my belief that everyone directly connected to Kyron was questioned as well as polygraphed is in fact what has happened. Sorry PsychoMom but you're conspiracy theory just doesn't hold any water.
  8. If you'll re-read my post, I said "I believe". PM, do you honestly believe Terri alone has been the focus of this investigation? Do you really believe NO ONE but Terri was polygraphed? WOW! I don't like Kyron's dad. Personally, I think he's a jerk. But I don't believe like some that this is a witch hunt against Terri.
  9. What stones have been left unturned? That Kaine wasn't polygraphed? That his account of his actions that day weren't verified? That Desiree wasn't asked about the RO she had against him 7 years ago and that it wasn't verified? Personally, I believe Kaine ( as well as all family members) was questioned in depth and I believe he was polygraphed. Apparently he and everyone else passed the polygraph and his account of his actions that day have been verified.
  10. Yes, I've read a lot and seen the interview many times where he states he worked until the afternoon. ( I do wonder why he seemed to stumble over his words and had quite a bit of shoulder motion going on when he stated that) Haven't read where he was home that morning or didn't go to work at all. I still believe however LE checked and it was confirmed else they would never have allowed him to take the 18 month old out of the home. Unedited interview with Kaine and Desiree. Although the parents responses are clear, you have to really strain to hear the questions, but Kaine talks about being home that afternoon at appr. 8:56 http://www.nwcn.com/video?id=97185849&sec=551977
  11. :clapping: :clapping: PM, do you have a link to where it states he was not at/left work that morning?
  12. Sorry, I was just able to finish looking over the papers. Despite the fact they were labeled "RO", they seem to be the "petition for dissollution of marriage", "certificate for child support proceeding" "certificate of residency" & "Motion and order to seal file."
  13. Thanks PM. 20 minutes to get to work. If he left home at 7, this would be 7:20. Then factor in the time it would take to go into the office, piddle around for a bit, get back out to his car ( let's say 15 minutes- he couldn't act TOO eager to leave the office) so, 7:35 and 20 minutes later get to the school- so around 7:55. SM said she got Kyron to the school at 8. Would he risk Terri seeing his vehicle (apparently the red mustang which would NOT be hard to miss) He would then have to hang around all the time trying not to be seen ( which would have looked suspicious enough that someone surely would have noticed) and to be "lucky enough" to be in the hallway at just the right time without being seen by Terri ( or for Kyron to shout "DADDY!!" therefore risking Terri hearing) Sorry, I can't see it.
  14. I have copies of the RO, although I haven't had time to go over them (also not sure if I should post them) No, we haven't read of anyone else taking a LDT, but we never heard about the SM's until the friend let it slip about the 2nd one. Do you think no one else took one? Sorry PM, but the scenario of someone in the bathroom is a far stretch. They would have to know something about his interests to get him to leave. Besides the fact that it would have been so risky. A parent could very well have been just outside the bathroom door. So many possibilities. His family has said over and over "He knows about stranger danger" "He was timid and shy." For a stranger to get him out of the school would have taken a few minutes to convince him to go, all the time the stranger was risking being seen by others. No, I can't follow that. And if it were the dad, you said yourself, why would the SM risk being seen leaving the school with him. Why would she risk that when there were many other opportunities?Turn that around to apply to the dad. SM, KNEW he had no plans to be there. Why would he risk being seen by her? Being seen by others when she could very well say later that he wasn't supposed to be there. THAT would have been risky.
  15. I see Terri has now hired a lawyer. Does anybody know why she hired a "Criminal" attorney as opposed to a divorce attorney?????
  16. From interview last week "He saw Kyron on his way to work that morning" "That afternoon he was working from home" We know he came home early that day to work from home. That's all we know, but I'm sure LE does. If dad took a lie detector test, this would have been one of the questions and could ( I'm assuming) be very easy to confirm. Check out this map. It shows the areas of Kyron's home, the school, and dads work. Maybe someone good with maps can figure out the distances ( I certainly can't LOL) http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=113741092510424599794.0004885502c0e5890795a&t=h&z=10
  17. "She hasn't publically accounted for her day? Not a factor for me. Apparently, she hasn't accounted for her time to LE. "Neither has the father" - In order for the father to be responsible, he would have had to be AT the school between 8:15 (the last time Kyron was seen by anyone else at the school) and 9am (when class started) So basically, Kaine would have taken the DAY off. He has said he came home that AFTERNOON. Apparently this was verified by LE or he wouldn't have been allowed to take the 18 month old away from Terri. "She didn't cry" I can understand being so afraid that you literally cannot cry. But if that were the case, she would be showing other signs (hyperventilating for one) The fact that she didn't cry means nothing to me. It's the fact that ( like Susan Smith) she was going through the MOTIONS of crying but with no results. Her entire body language was suspicious. Have you watched the first press conference?? If so, watch it again. All that about the divorce and restraing order is VERY telling. A judge doesn't grant a RO because a spouse "chit-chats" about the state of his marriage. There had to have been some major concerns for the safety of their child to compel the judge to sign that RO. Keep in mind too about the 2 911 calls on Saturday. One of those calls lasted for 13 minutes!!!!
  18. I posted this link earlier. It was the interview with Terri's ex http://wweek.com/editorial/3634/14214/ This is from the ex husband's wife's FB. Not sure if she's referring to the above article or not. If so, makes you wonder what was "misquoted". "Life is something to be lived, and blogs ment to be read and opinions to be formed .... but have you ever wondered if the bloggers have any clue or if there typeing out there asses, and how many times can one reporter missqote the people he spoke with in the same article(asshole)... ok enough rawr. hope everyone is enjoying there day. miss all thoose who are real."
  19. Nope. I have never and will never drink and drive, period, much less with my children in the car. Please don't take what I said about her DUI to mean I think she could be guilty because of that. That wasn't what I was trying to say. My point was that maybe that could be the reason for the 911 call on Saturday. I agree, everything you say could have happened. It makes sense. There are many things about Kaine that doesn't sit just right. I have been in discussions on other boards where I've caught myself defending her and questioning Kaine. There have been times I have been convinced she's guilty, times I feel it's neither one. I just don't know. I just hope he's found ALIVE You're right PM, I have seen some very ugly things said about Terri that has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not she be responsible To me, these are things any of us could have in our lives. Heaven forbid our past ever be analyzed as hers has. A post disappeared???? Which one??
  20. Not sure about "psychotic". From all I've read, all who knew her said she was a good mom, but friends and family said the same thing about Susan Smith. I thought this was interesting. http://www.examiner.com/x-52289-Portland-Pop-Culture-Examiner~y2010m6d30-Kyron-Hormans-stepmom-DUI-conviction-and-911-call-surface "Terri Horman guilty of DUI in 2005 The records search of Kyron's step-mother was conducted under Terri's current, maiden, and prior married names. The search rang up a DUI conviction made in 2005, one in which she plead guilty to. She wasn't just guilty of driving under the influence, but "reckless endangerment of another." Oregon State Police Lt. Gregg Hastings told ABCNews.com in a report that Terri Horman's son, then 11, was the one in the vehicle with his mom when she was stopped. DUI probation for Terri Horman A Marion County, Ore. court spokeswoman explained that Terri Horman was sentenced to probation for 12 months along with a 90-day driver's license suspension. As part of her probation, she had to attend mandatory alcohol counseling programs and a victim impact statement session." //////////////////////////////////////// Her 11 year old son was in the car with her. "Reckless endangerment to others". Yeah, caring and attentive. Wonder if she was maybe drinking again and tried to drive somewhere with the 18 month old????
  21. According his bio-dad http://wweek.com/editorial/3634/14214/
  22. When I first read the interview with Terri's ex and saw that bit of apparent discrepancy, my thought was maybe they told the original story so he wouldn't be hounded by reporters. After all, he and Kyron were really close. But I'm not sure. In so many ways that doesn't make sense. :sigh: I'm starving. Maybe my thinking will be a little more clear on a full stomach ETA Ok, just a quick thought, protecting the oldest son from the media makes no sense. IF the family wanted to keep the oldest son away from the barrage of reporters, then why did he go there on the 5th?????
  23. Yes, he disappeared on Friday. I don't know much about scouting trips, but the oldest son is 16, wouldn't camping trips for that age be for more than overnight? The interview with the grandmother was on the 5th, the day after the disappearance. At that time, the son didn't know Kyron had disappeared. She said he and his dad ARE on a camping trip. The 5th was the day he went to Terri's for a PLANNED week long visit. Dad didn't say the son came home early because of Kyron, then went to Terri's. :good: :good:
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