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  1. Kenmore is made by both GE and Whirlpool. Found out when I had issues with my fridge.
  2. They're both at fault. Not sure where I read it, but both were ticketed.
  3. Sorry this happened to her. One suggestion I have (and in no way a personal attack) is I noticed you said she worked there, maybe park in a different spot each time. The reason is if she is parking in the same spot someone could have been watching and knew she was not coming to her car right away.
  4. I had this happen the other day. I reset my wifi router. There should be a reset button on the box.
  5. We just got one too, but from Walmart. Since you didn't click on it, deleting the email should be sufficient.
  6. I've used both. I prefer my iPad over the laptop, but I use it mostly to surf the net and it doesn't overheat like my laptop did. If you're going to be needing to type a lot, a laptop may be more of what you need.
  7. I'm very skeptical. Anyone else notice the date of death? Sept 30, 2013
  8. Yes. They're moving to a small strip mall behind the Shell Station @Macland & 92. Next door to the old BBQ/church place.
  9. Yes, you're right. They're relocating.
  10. When we had a pool, we used a Rubbermaid container with a lid that locked as to keep the slithery creatures out of it.
  11. I can relate to Stradial's post. Mine isn't about a pit, but in relation to big dogs. When I was 3, I was attacked by a Dalmation. The dog belonged to a family member. To this day, 35 years later, I still remember that day. The dog was older and sleeping. I went over and started to pet him. He started attacking my face. Luckily, there were adults sitting right there. I remember my face being sewn up. He bit through my cheek bone. I have small scars on my cheek with small chips missing in my cheek bone. I am very leery of large dogs and will never own a pit, Dalmation, Rottweiler
  12. I'm shocked!!! I remember seeing you in your Saturn (with the trunk covered in Aerosmith stickers)
  13. My second daughter was an induction. No c/s, but I had c/s with my other 3 girls.
  14. I would move to Florida. Love the beach and hearing the ocean waves. I don't do cold weather (had enough of it when I was young living in Wisconsin).
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