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  1. Heard that maplewood is completely blocked off, possible murder. any info? my sister is delivering pizzas out that way tonight
  2. Hello. Trying to find the original post. I too live in Camden Woods, on Camden Trail. My children were affected by this chaos. as a neighbor decided to tell them, ages 9 & 10 about the attempt that day as they got off of the bus. I have been home all summer and have not seen anything unusual. Could you please let me know where the post is. interested in reading viewers comments. to see what you were clarifying. Thanks.Also, have these sightings been reported to the police. Wanting to know who to contact if I see anything out of the ordinary.
  3. Thanks for the attempt at making me feel better...but I don't recall ever hearing anything like that, that close to the road over the last couple of years. Would be much better if all of this other crazy stuff wasn't happening too. Hope you have a happy and blessed day!
  4. I have spent the last 20-30 minutes reading all of the info on this post and am horrified. Regardless of what the parent's intentions were...this child was in danger. I am a firm believer in the right to punish our own children but not at the expense of the child's emotional or physical well-being. I can't comprehend what a child could do that is sooo bad at his age to warrant this treatment.. and if he did do something that detrimental to another human being...then seriously let's look at the parents. Because children learn what they live. I am saddened that so many people are fascinated with this behavior. Instead of sticking up for this parent..we should be holding her/him accountable for her/his actions.
  5. Hey just wondering if you have any info yet ??? I worked at the Papa John's delivering pizza for 2 years and am freaking out. More importantly, my pregnant sister starts back delivering tomorrow night. What is happening to our county??
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