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  1. The Marshalls Office is not part of the Sheriffs Department.
  2. She is a fantastic person who always does a great job. I'm proud to call her a friend.
  3. Spoke to the Sheriff at Douglas County and she was never an employee of the Sheriffs Office but worked for the medical company that works at the jail. She won't be doing that any more either...
  4. Had the same problem. Hook the drain tube into your sewer or septic line and no more issues.
  5. Maybe you was in the wrong city. Hiram does not have a female judge. Hopefully your son will slow down and neither of you will have to deal with this again.
  6. Just another way the state can cut their budget and put more of a workload on the county.
  7. What ever happened to work details out of the jails? Prisoners working on private property is illegal.
  8. Does the Sheriff get the money from your speeding tickets?
  9. Put a little kerosene on it and it will not be sore. Sounds crazy but it works
  10. Sign-up on NIXLE.Com the PCSO is putting out alot of info about things happening such as this and traffic. Its FREE too.
  11. Tom and Dawn are in my families prayers. So sorry for your loss.
  12. Talked to the K-9 Deputies and they were swimming their dogs for exercise and training-No alligator nor bodies just dogs having fun
  13. Heaven just gained another old schooler. You will missed by many
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