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  1. I, too, have a small box truck for my business. It's parked on a concrete slab next to my garage, and looks presentable. I took the OP's comments to read that the truck in question was parked on the street.
  2. Well, this devolved into a pissing match, didn't it?
  3. I rarely ever disagree with you, but this is one time. Commercial vehicles parked in residential areas basically tend to deflate property values. Or, put a lid on resale activity/vibrance.
  4. You mentioned that you don't have a HOA. That, however, does not mean you don't have covenants on the deed as to the land use, including rentals or businesses, etc. That is the case in my subdivision, regulating out buildings and fencing, vehicles, parking, etc. On-street parking may be prohibited, as an example. It means, in my case, (and if you happen to have the deed restrictions/covenants also) that it can be enforced. It is a CIVIL matter, and therefore useless to complain to Marshal's office. If a property owner has violated the covenants, and built an outbuilding that
  5. Well, you sure spend a Hell of a lot of time babbling a bunch of made-up propaganda about the President of the United States. I'd hate to see what would happen if you DID hate him.
  6. So, Greener_Grass, what's different in the responses you have above and what I said to you in a series of PM's a month or more ago? The things that cptlo306 said are pretty much word for word what I told you. And we two don't even know each other.
  7. I'm getting ready to do some minor remodeling. I'd like to find some roll-around clothing racks to handle all the clothes in several closets. Anybody have some laying around they want to get rid of? Or loan?
  8. I have noticed that it takes as long as 10 seconds for this site to load on my desktop. Every other site loads in one to two seconds. I also get a warning triangle and a "not secure" warning. I'm using Chrome as a browser, BTW. And switching to another topic is equally slow.
  9. How did I know you would go back over 100 years to dredge up some "the white boy did it" scenario? There have been over 50 racially provoked riots in the US since the 1960"s. Watts, Oakland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Ferguson, and the "Long Hot Summer of '67". And the funny thing is....every one of those cities is a bastion of liberalism.
  10. Q: Do you know why white people don't start riots? A: They have jobs to go to.
  11. Just FYI...the vets at St. Francis Clinic at Crossroads, (behind Dunkin Donuts), are Chihuahua experts. That is their personal pet's breed.
  12. The Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not obsess over the opinions of an irrelevant liberal.
  13. The tract of land along E. Paulding at Citizen's Square Drive has been graded and trees burned. Something is going to be built. There is a metal building on the NW corner of the property that has never been occupied. I vaguely remember that it was built for a commercial occupant, but there was no sewer service available and the percolation tests for septic didn't work.
  14. Nevertheless...if I want to start a thread, I will. I didn't start this one. So, either close it or put somebody elses' handle on it.
  15. Somehow you (or TBAR, et al) took an idle comment and morphed it into a thread that I allegedly started. First, IF I had wanted to start a thread about anything, I'd have done so. I'm more than just a little pissed that you take a comment and then start off on your idiotic analysis of what I might think about something that happened 1000 years ago. Especially when it has no bearing on anything except you being able to insult or berate somebody. And display you "superior" knowledge of something irrelevant. Close this thread and get you head back where it belongs...up BHO's but
  16. glassdogs

    I am sad

    You didn't need to. Anyone who has been on this site for more than a few months knew exactly where you were going with that. Keyboard warrior that you are.
  17. Nah...we've met in person several times. I actually sort of like you.
  18. glassdogs

    I am sad

    Uhhhh....it's "Jest". But, you knew that, being the brilliant "journalist" you are. Trolling, were you?
  19. glassdogs

    I am sad

    And that, folks, is a classic example of the psychological behavior known as "projection". You, sir, are the purveyor of the most outlandish propaganda this side of AOC, and with a credibility rating on par with Whoopi Goldberg.
  20. Actually, takeoffs are a lot noisier. As I've said several times previously..NONE of the Part 139 application had anything to do with actual ticketed passengers. It was all about getting a security certification so that an international aircraft manufacturer could build a plant and create some JOBS!!! Two different people who were on the airport authority board told me this. The possibility of Allegiant actually having a schedule in and out of SCF was somewhere between slim and none...and Slim went fishing. It was a diversion to keep other facilities from bidding against SCF for the
  21. Being that there are probably less than 5 attorneys in the county that have the experience and credentials in that very narrow area of practice, it doesn't surprise me that there was no bid process. And, given that the previous BOC has spent millions of dollars on unnecessary legal fees, I've wondered about the qualifications of Skipper to not try to keep the Chicken World 4 under control.
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