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  1. This was MY baby! Thank you SO much again for taking her in and taking such good care of her when she was so scared! We were so terrified something bad was going to happen to her, or that we would never see her again! We had four cars full of people out searching for her - neighbors, parents, friends and US! When we got home last night, the baby gate went up in front of the doggy door so Houdini couldn't get out again! I hope you don't mind, but we'll be sending you a little thank you in the mail for your kindness. We really, really appreciate you!
  2. Water. Wait. I'll be thankful for that tomorrow. Today, I'm thankful for Natural Gas. And their ability to mail an invoice. I'm thankful for my highly intelligent and simply gorgeous children, my small (but incredibly wonderful) family and my fantastic group of friends (who are in essence, family). I'm thankful for car insurance. and health insurance. and nice folks that work at both places. And finally, I'm thankful for finally growing into my own skin, and feeling what it's like to be me again for the first time in a very, very long time.
  3. all hail the thread king. I can't see you post without that popping in my head.
  4. A dingo ate my baby! Sorry. Food and a baby thread. It couldn't be helped.
  5. I will eat cake wif you. Chocolate cake.
  6. What day is that? Thanksgiving weekend? For some reason I think I have something going on... Gammit.
  7. The opening of the hidey hole. NC - the next weekend?
  8. We should have a party. To celebrate.
  9. Not for a few more weeks.
  10. Oooh, I can't get in the Tonk. I guess I need to re-up my membership.
  11. So lemme get this straight... The penis being in you bothers you? Isn't that what got you in the position in the first place? I'm gonna go hide in a hole, now.
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