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  1. Same here. My husband came home ticked off one night cause this guy stayed on his rear end all the way back from Cartersville. Hubby said he even slowed to a crawl so the guy could pass and he refused, so hubby moved to shoulder and stopped they guy finally passed by. Another car stopped behind hubby and said he saw the whole thing. To bad neither of them got a license plate!!!
  2. That makes 3 accidents on that stretch of road this year and that is yards from that last fatal accident. 61 North is getting to be awful and very sad to drive.
  3. Hijacking for a moment ---Ok how do you stop that???? I got a boy cat who pees in the tubs.
  4. Hollingshed Rd. is more up towards Harmoney Grove Church Road. not super close but more that way!
  5. How do we know the orginal caller to a/c has not tried to help? Or called and then went out to help? What if it's a little old lady calling who should not be in this heat either but wanted to help the animal in her neighbors yard??? Sorry just got mad seeing people talk bad about someone not helping, we don't know the whole story just a snipit. Ok off soapbox.
  6. People slow down!!! This is just so sad. My heart goes out to all the families. I drive this way every day for work. People drive to fast and to careless on this road. I have watched people pass buses from three cars back because they are in such a rush!!!
  7. kids move quick. at age 1.5 my son could undo 4 different types of locks including those door knob covers. We ended up getting one of those door chimes, the kind that scream bloody murder when the doors open. That worked when he was out we KNEW it so did the whole neighborhood too.
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