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  1. Russell was a great man who will be missed by many people. His family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. woo hoo kel went braless looks good kel - great work sage
  3. OMG awesome pictures. ashley you rock girl. i want some in studio pictures too. erin - your boys are too cute. i absolutely love the pic of the two of them laying down with their heads together and i LOVE the one of T where he's looking like the gerber baby. ashley took some awesome pics of kara too. she's definitely got talent.
  4. i'm glad i already have my appt booked. i can't wait.
  5. I didn't get a PM. Can you send it again please?
  6. After looking at the pics and Christmas cards you've posted I definitely want to schedule an appt/session for my 9 yr old daughter. Can you please PM your contact info to me too? I'd love to talk to you tomorrow and set up a date and time. Thanks. ETA: I just sent you a PM too.
  7. sorry to hear about your dad. i'll keep him (and your family) in my thoughts. keep us updated. ((((hugs))))
  8. i had no idea she had died - somehow i missed it. i went to school with jana and she was super sweet. a good friend (with me riding along) ran into the side of jana's car with his brand new truck MANY years ago. he didn't realize there was a 4 way intersection at macland and bobo (he wasn't from paulding co) and hit her as she was coming across. thank goodness no one was hurt but he did have a small heart attack when i told him he had just hit the sheriff's daughter. thoughts and prayers for jana's family.
  9. thoughts and prayers for all the family.
  10. my thoughts and prayers are with all of her family. i went to school with jill and chuck and am so saddened to hear about jill.
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