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  1. go online line (hard to find brands.com) and look for sting kill. this is a disposable swab that contains benzocaine. it is for pain and itching. i got a bee sting did not have epe-pen and a firefighter gave me one and i never swelled are itch. don't leave home without them. also target has a band you were and it is very good for keeping all insects away. Bug Band is the name of it. hope this helps.
  2. supee

    Propane Gas

    Sorry I did not realize that. Name will be fine.
  3. supee

    Propane Gas

    Who is the best propane gas company in Dallas. I am very unhappy with the one I use now. If you will please put phone number. Thanks in advance.
  4. 20 years a go I gave my baby my nite shirt and he slept like a rock
  5. supee

    Browns foods

    West Ga. Market is a great place to buy meats.
  6. My husband can bring you millian, which is crushed aspalt. Wonderful on driveways call Owens Trucking, 770-459-3615. Very good price. Will be very promt
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