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  1. I can't wait for the Walking Dead! I have DVR'd Fear, but haven't watched it yet. I really don't like when the Walking Dead kills off main characters... Good to be back on pcom!
  2. Prayers for comfort LR. So sorry to hear this.
  3. I'm going this weekend with my daughter and grandkids! It's great fun with tons of good food and apple treats!
  4. Prayers for the family and friends....
  5. Excuse me! This is my grandson and my daughter has done everything in her power to make him a respectful young boy. She has been parenting since the day he was born! Do not judge people that you don't know, you don't know all of the circumstances.
  6. I've been looking since August last year....Nothing out there!
  7. akat71

    Hi all!

    Thanks for all the welcomes! I really miss Paulding County! Things didn't pan out like they were suppose to with us moving.... I got layed off last August and have not been able to find ANYTHING! Have applied daily with no responses. We moved because Hubby's job promised a lot of stuff that didn't happen. Now we only get a check when he is out of town.... If we would have known that we could have stayed where we were. cmorg and Joe sixpack I really miss trivia with you! cmorg how is cheerleading?? LR I miss you and would love to catch up with you! Thanks again my friends!
  8. akat71

    Hi all!

    Love you too sugar! I will update the pic tomorrow!
  9. akat71

    Hi all!

    I understand that my daughter is taking up my slack in my absence! Braydensandbayleesmom is my daughter! I really miss all of you and we are trying to move back to Paulding County. I recently talked with JackieO and hopefully she and LR can come up and have lunch one day! Hope everyone is well and many of you won't know me, but I really love this site! Take care! Kitty
  10. akat71


    My sister lives in Indiana and they play all the time! I had no idea what it was....
  11. Thanks Shawna! I know mine would love the $. I will still have several gift for him to open, just not the payload he is used to. He knows the situation with my job and I'm sure he will understand. Thanks
  12. I told mine that same thing. We have always went way overboard with presents. I was just thinking of cutting down the quanity.
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